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Pink Fuel, Kumi Skin

Pink Fuel - Kumi

KUMI IS HERE! It’s no surprise that Pink Fuel is my favorite skin brand on the grid, and overall my favorite “kawaii” brand — all of her other stuff is super cute too.

I know a ton of PF fans were annoyed  that bloggers & friends received advanced copies, so I delayed posting this until the release of the skin. Now that Mochi is back, the skins are out, so go get ’em!!

Pink Fuel - Kumi

With the release of Kumi, Pink Fuel also introduces 8 new skin tones! My favorite Pink Fuel tone was Honey, and now, it’s Peach. I normally wear Light Brows, but I’m really loving the Brown Brows and Dark Brows this time around, too. I’m wearing darker hair to complement the skin, but this skin also works perfectly well with any hair color.

Pink Fuel - Kumi

Shown here is 6 of the 18 makeups available for this skin.

Check out the lipsticks on Mochi’s Flickr — there’s over 30+!!!! I like to mix-and-match the Pure (base) skin with my own shadows and lipstick tattoos, so having over 30+ new ones to play with is a makeup lover’s dream!

I hope you guys love these skins as much as I do!

Visit Pink Fuel

What I’m Wearing:

Exile – Already Gone (Swiss)
Fishy Strawberry – Impromptu Cardigan Mint (S) Brown Belt

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  1. lovely

    i like how this skin looks on your shape, it’s still clearly gogo even with an asian-inspired skin on! this is actually the first pf skin that’s worked with my shape so nicely already, so i’m really excited about wearing it around. i can’t believe all the lips were included too, totally drooling over them atm.

  2. Opal Rae

    Beautiful 🙂 And which shape do you use for Kumi, Gogo?
    Is it Maribella?

  3. Marianne Little

    LOVELY! I had a long break from SL, but this might lure me in again…

  4. Kanzi

    Love this new skin, it’s looks great as a boy skin also (used with the PF boy layers). First PF skin that has worked with my male av’s shape.

  5. Beebs

    your eyes in this post are like, exactly what i’ve been searching for! so gorge! may i ask where they are from?

    • Gogo

      Unique Megastore

  6. Skye D.

    I’m definitely going to try this on. I wore PF for a long time, then switched to a Dutch Touch skin for everyday, but this is really lovely.

  7. Salome

    I have to say that I found myself scratching my head when I went to go look at these skins. I’m an experienced shopper, but I found it impossible to know what I would have been getting for my money prior to purchase. There is a lipstick chart which is faboo, but that doesn’t appear to explain if you get all or some of those with a skin purchase or if they are for sale separately. There’s no signage at all to indicate what other features might be included. All the skins are delivered via script so there’s no way to even peek inside and see what you get. Finally, there isn’t a single notecard in the demo packs to help explain.

    The skins are nice and you certainly model them well and make great shapes to go with them, but you may want to pass on to the store owner that the lack of information makes it impossible for a new customer to know what they’re going to get when they buy.

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