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The Arcade


Are you a gacha addict? I’m not, I can’t even remember the last time I paid a gacha machine. The Arcade gacha event has a couple of really cute things, but I won’t play it cos I don’t want to start an obsession. Once I have my heart set on a color, I will go bankrupt acquiring it, so yea, I have tried to avoid gachas unless I can buy the color off someone with multiples. My lovely friends sent me the Cherry colored Ariane flats from Ingenue, and the Momogram Marquee Light in “G” from Commoner, both available at The Arcade.


How much do you spend at gacha events? Do you try to collect a whole set or happily settle on having just one or two favorite colors?

What I’m Wearing:

Pink Fuel – Kumi (Peach) Pure (bwnbrow/crease)
Pink Fuel – Kumi (Lt Tone) Matted Lips (Jet Set)
Exile – Turn the Page (Stefani)
Beetlebones – Semi-Sheer Cropped Lace Tank (S) White
Mon Tissu – Hanalei Shorts (S) Pinstripes
Ingenue – Ariane (Cherry)
LaGyo – Crystals thin headbend Gold

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  1. Five Latte

    I don’t play Gatchas often, but this little event tugged at my inner shop-o-holic after seeing the previews on flickr, so i went. There were some REALLY cute items, and i like to think of myself as tenacious, so i play and play until i get the colour or specific item i want…which can be really expensive..but it feels like an addiction…damn you Gatchas!!

  2. Hottest

    I am like you. I totally want only the one color and if I don’t get it, I will go for broke! However, I always manage to find friends and other people to give away the duplicates or colors that I’m not crazy about–so I guess it’s not so bad. If the gacha machine is cheap, I find I can probably get the right color with 5 or so tries. If it takes more than that, well hold on to your panties, cause I’m going in.

    Lol. Hope you had a good weekend, Miss Gogo.

    • Gogo

      Thank you! I hope yours is good too.

  3. Karola Silversmith

    Gatcha = madness!!!!!! I always focus on the color i want… meanwhile i collect all the colors, less the one i want. (usually comes as last) lol

  4. Decay

    With the arcade you can use the group chat to trade or even just buy the one you want off someone. I ended up getting all the stuff I wanted just by trading what I had :]

  5. Opal Rae

    I went along with only a few hundred Lindens which was probably good cos if I’d had more I’d have spent a tonne, lol.
    I got some cute little pieces, was hoping for an ‘O’ marquee light, but no such luck, I love what you’ve done with your light, btw, very creative!

  6. Krysta

    I snag one item from a gatcha and most times I will take what I get….because it helps pull me out of my color funks. I tend towards darker colors and sometimes a good gatcha item will expand the horizons! Besides, it is very cost effective to just buy one..x.x;;

  7. Ohna

    I loved The Arcade’s entire set up, because I can see all of the items for sale on the shopping guide, and how much per play. So this time, I was able to figure out how much to spend, even though I went over anyway. And of course, being able to visit yard sales to buy extras of what I want, is also pretty awesome to me.

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