cheLLe, The Mean Reds

cheLLe - The Mean Reds

Feeling Red? ✿ cheLLe ✿ The Mean Reds lipstick set includes seven tattoo lipsticks. Each lipstick tattoo is semi-transparent, so it will blend beautifully with any of your favorite skin.

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cheLLe @ SL Marketplace or at cheLLe mainstore on Juicy

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  1. Ahh I’m so happy matte-look lipstick is back in fashion!
    I always hated (RL and SL) the overly glossed lips, and hankered after the “Friends” of the 90’s lipstick looks…

    And a lovely array of reds there!

  2. I absolutely love your makeup range, but this is by far my favourite. It suits my avi very very well. Will you be doing more colour range in the near future? Pinks/Purples/Corals? 😀

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