iheartsl 2.0

It has been a crazy few days! I have rebuilt iheartsl.com, and implemented some new guidelines. Some bloggers and readers will love the new change, and some will not. I have already received a lot of positive feedback about the new guidelines.

The most important  change to iheartsl is the Prohibited Content guidelines. If your blog has prohibited content, you have to filter only safe posts into iheartSL. Cajsa explains all of it here, if you want to know more, read her post.

Did you know that there are more than twenty SL feeds? If your blog does not meet the requirements for iheartSL, perhaps you can try your luck with other feeds. Some are invite only, but many have open enrollment, and with less restrictive guidelines.

All SL feeds are managed and owned by residents, not Linden Lab. Please be respectful of each feed’s requirements & guidelines and happy blogging.

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  1. Great job Gogo, it is a huge task, and I am so glad you included the part about feeds being managed/owned by residents.


    • Sorry guys!!! I guess I pasted it wrong! I had the URL in my clipboard cos I was telling someone how there use to be just one feed in SL, lol.

  2. Thank you for making the changes. I noticed how full of NSFW content IheartSL was getting recently. It was mind boggling and frustrating! I remember one post I saw weeks ago that that was just so GROSS and I had to block the images to not see them anymore. I’ve resubmitted my page.

  3. Thanks for the referral for Concrete SL, Gogo! We moderate each and every post, and know how arduous it is to start wading through the nonsense after a while. Good luck with iheartsl 2.0- your blog and feed is an institution in SL fashion blogging!

  4. It’s not working for me at the moment, it’s been stuck with ”Georgia on my Mind” by lyricalember for about 24 hours now =(

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