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Clawtooth recently had a 25% off sale on all mesh hairstyles, but I wasn’t able to blog it in time! Sorry guys! The sale is over now, but you can still get all the hairstyles at regular price. When Clawtooth first launched, I thought the prims were too chunky, and the textures were a bit streaky. Over the past year, the new mesh hairstyles have really grown on me, and there’s definitely an improvement overall. I still like the Dark Browns colors better, so I wear it more often than Blondes, but I’m still waiting for a really nice light Blonde texture from here.


This adorable outfit I’m wearing is the Freedom Moose March outfit from Silk Worms. I’m wearing everything that comes with the outfit minus the arm bands, and matching boots. I’ve decided to pair this with the new Equestrian Boots from Gos, to give it a more Western look, and less Gorean.

What I’m Wearing:

Pink Fuel – Kumi (Peach) Pure (bwnbrow/crease)
Pink Fuel – Lip Glaze (Salisa)
Clawtooth – Please and thanks (Girl Next Door)
Silk Worms – Freedom Moose March
Gos – Equestrian Boots

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  1. Opal Rae

    Aww this is just TOO cute!
    I’d already bought the new boots, but in black [a decision I already regret – I should’ve just FatPacked]
    You look fabulous 🙂

  2. Kristin Burner

    ya, the new boots are great, i got the houndstooth one, looks great with my 50’s black and white shirt

  3. Elle Couerblanc

    I knew if I kept talking to you I would get you to cross to the dark side with me! Welcome to Gor LOL.

  4. Adrienne Walpole

    So cute <3 Love those boots 🙂

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