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Genie in a bottle

Genie in a bottle

I’m a genie in a bottle, baby ♫

I have a slight obsession with Genie bottles and genie outfits in SL. When Trompe Loeil released the mesh Dreamy Genie Bottle Skybox, I had to have it! The bottle is scripted with tons of poses for singles & couples, but I only tried out the single poses. Most of the sitting poses were slightly animated and too fidgety for my liking, so I’ll probably rez my own sit pillows. The interior & exterior texture is beautifully done, and such and upgrade from my old genie bottle.


I am wearing the Davenport Blouse & P*ssy Pusher Pants from The Sea Hole. I really like the colors and style of this outfit, even if the textures are a bit too photo-sourced. I’ve noticed that a lot of The Sea Hole mesh clothes have a mesh glitch that interferes with hair alpha. Sasy explains more about the Mesh and Alpha Issues here, you should read it, it’s informative.

What I’m Wearing:

Pink Fuel – Kumi (Peach) Pure (bwnbrow/crease)
Truth – Dawson w/Roots (Treacle)
The Sea Hole – Davenport Blouse (S) Baby Powder
The Sea Hole – P*ssy Pusher Pants (Baby Powder)
Yummy – Flamingo Earrings
SLink – Mesh Hands
SLink – Womens Medium Height Barefeet
Trompe Loeil – Dreamy Genie Bottle Skybox (Blue)

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  1. Deckland McCullough

    That skybox is gorgeous. I about fell out when I saw it for sale the other day. Thanks for the link to the mesh/alpha post, too!

  2. Sheila Yoshikawa

    Thanks for the link to Sasy’s post, I had an even bigger problem with the Clawtooth hair and that blouse, I was wondering what the matter was.

    • Gogo

      I was wearing the long hairstyle with the Mon Tissu sweater and it was fine! It’s definitely not the hair, I think it is the Sea Hole shirt that has the alpha issue.

  3. Perlla Beck

    Nice look!

  4. Drinkinstein

    Despite these flaws, I appreciate your showing & wearing The Davenport Blouse & Pussy Pusher Pants from the Sea Hole on Juicybomb. Naturally you make them look beautiful!

    • Opal Rae

      Gogo makes anything look beautiful! 🙂

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