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Blog Challenge: Twilight Inspired Look


I’m a Twilight fan, if you are too, you should join me in this blog challenge. I’m making a Vampire Bella-inspired look, based on Breaking Dawn 2. I just love her casual style, and it’s pretty easy to recreate in SL. I didn’t change my shape or get a “Bella” skin, but I think I still managed to make a pretty nice SL Bella.

If you want to do this challenge, you can pick any character from Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, or Breaking Dawn 1 and 2. The characters can be based on the novel or the movie, from any time period in their life (past or present).

Have fun!


What I’m Wearing:

Pink Fuel – Kumi (Vanilla) Pure (bwnbrow/crease)
cheLLe – (Blush) Everyday Blush 3
Exile – Beyond the Waves (Brownie)
Mon Tissu – Joli Beaded Tunic (Gray 4)
Belgravia – Cascade Cardigan (M) Nero
Magic Nook – Navajo Arrow Necklace (Silver/Brown)

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  1. Opal Rae

    Wow, she looks beautiful, Gogo.
    You’ve done well!

  2. Sommerland Starostin

    I love this look, very pretty. This Pink Fuel skin looks terrific as does the hair.

  3. Sydd Sinister

    yes totally doing this

  4. lilac Fallen

    Loving this challenge! I also found someone making a Bella shape yesterday while on my travels, so I gave her the link to this page. 🙂

  5. Jeanie Waydelich

    I am a big fan of movies and books, and one of my greatest amusement in second life was trying to recreate the characters … Could adjust the avatars to Edward, Bella and Renesmee ^ ^ Follow the link for some of the photos.

    Bella Vampire:
    Bella human:

    xoxo ^^

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