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I was lazy and didn’t credit my outfit yesterday, so I’m wearing it again for today’s look. I changed the sweater to Pink, and changed my hair, but it’s still the same look. I tend to wear the same things a few times before filing them away in my inventory’s black hole.

I had a very nice surprise while scrolling through my reader this morning. Iris wrote some very nice things about my blog, and even though I don’t think I deserve the praise, it made me really happy. Read it here: Juicybomb: Second Life Blogging’s Favourite (Usually) Blonde Bombshell. Although I haven’t been Blonde much lately, I really wanted to go back to being Blonde after being called a Blonde Bombshell 😀 However, can we just agree that I’m a Blog Bombshell, no matter which hair color?

What I’m Wearing:

LOGO – Infinity Chloe Hybrid Meash Avatar
Truth – Mallory (Carob)
Redgrave – Claus (Pink) L Hana Sweater
Mon Tissu – Cotton Pants (M) Cream
Mon Tissu – Cottage Flats (Beige)

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  1. Opal Rae

    Cute look! For the life of me I cannot find the Claus top, walked all around Redgrave twice 🙁

    • Gogo

      Sent you a gift 🙂

      • Opal Rae

        Wooo, thank you so much, Gogo <3

  2. Vixxie Vultee

    aw, i think you are definitely deserving of that kind of praise, gogo! that’s an awesome write-up~ and yes, come back to the blonde side! 😀

  3. Roxi Bluewood

    Lovely look Gogo 🙂

  4. Olava

    It’s something with the eyes on that mesh head that I just can’t stand. I don’t know, I think they look stretched or something. Looks really weird! With those eyelashes it becomes even more obvious.

    Anyway, really cute look 🙂

  5. Viola Leigh

    The sweater is at the moment only available on Marketplace. Greetings Viola Leigh (REDGRAVE)

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