The Arcade, Gacha

The Arcade, Gacha

Yesterday was my 6th Rez Day! I had forgotten about it, until Miss Ziki Questi wished me a happy rez day. I don’t really do anything to celebrate my rez day, so I thought I would throw a lil’ party of one today — buying myself gifts from The Arcade’s gacha event. I exercised self-control and played the gacha machines just six times, once it didn’t deliver, and I traded a cake for yummy macaroons (thanks Grazia)! Almost all of my purchases are featured here, except the things I couldn’t make “work” with my outfit — some poop (ew!) colored headphones, and a Blue purse.

I wanted some other Pink things, but decided not to keep going after I scored the Grandpa’s Radio Receiver Gold (Rare) from Teefy. Gotta quit while you’re ahead, right?

I’ll wait for the gacha yard sales to try to collect a Christmas village, the Floral purse, and a couple of other items. If you guys know if any yard sales, please leave the SLurl in my comments for myself and other people to visit!

What I’m Wearing:

Pink Fuel – Kumi (Peach) Pure (bwnbrow/crease)
Exile – Release Me (Babydoll)
Beetlebones – Semi-Sheer Cropped Lace Tank (XS) White
Monso – My Leather Skirt (White) Size2/S
Celoe – Snare Ankle Boots (Camelot)
SLink – Mesh Hands
MiaSnow – Lollipop

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    • Thanks for the tip! Just went, and got myself some hot pink headphones. Alsooooooo, there were a billion Christmas village things and a billion purses. No floral though!

  1. A public Yardsale no need for group joining to place oneself’s spare items

    only rules are to sell the items for their original prices or lower
    and there is no charge for the set up.

    blog post about more yard sales with descriptions if private or public and what is needed to set up

    blog post with full coverage of all items/shops available at this round at the arcade, prices included

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