Geek Glasses

Geek Glasses

This is 1/2 of a blog post, cos SL wouldn’t let me attach my shoes properly today, so I won’t show you my entire outfit. But you need to check out these cute wooden L33T Geek Glasses from Zanzo! They’re unisex mesh glasses that includes a mod version or no-mod with resizer script. I kind of wish they were scripted a lil’ more to include opacity options on the lenses.

Do you wear glasses in SL?

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  1. I love wearing glasses in sl, But sometimes i tend to think they hide what pretty eyes an av has so i switch back and forth. Loving the wooden glasses 😀

  2. Yes I wear glasses in RL.. And of course in SL.. M’y glasses a a fashion part of myself and I can’t imagine to stand without them éventuel in SL.. ^^
    Glasses are actually vers fashion, so we havé to enjoy to wear glasses 😉

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