Second Life Mermaid


Who made a video???????? THIS GIRL.

I absolutely love the Starfish jewelry set from Cae, by Caelan Hancroft, so I pulled out my Nereida Fantasy Mermaid costume from Evie’s Closet for today’s look. I haven’t worn this outfit in a long time, cos I noticed now that some of the prims were full-bright! After I unchecked that, I wanted to do something different for today’s post, so I made a video.

Hope you guys like it!

What I’m Wearing:

LOGO – Infinity Chloe Hybrid Mesh Avatar
Truth – Chynna (Swedish)
Evie’s Closet – Nereida Fantasy Mermaid
Cae – Starfish Ensemble

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  3. So this is your video! 😀 I found it on youtube a few months back when I realized ‘Hey, Second Life is way better for mermaids than IMVU cause I can freaking swim!’ But alas my computer can’t handle Second Life, so I gotta wait a while longer.
    Anyway, just wanted to let you know that this video along with a few others really inspired me to try and create my own design for Sl and IMVU and also for real life! Thanks so much! x3

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