Merry Christmas Eve!


I haven’t purchased a new skin in a while, so I went skin shopping last night. After trying on a few skins from Glam Affair, I settled on a single makeup from the Amberly skin line. I thought the Amberly skin had a nice glow to it, but I was not ready to commit to a fatpack, so I picked up a single makeup (the Red lipstick one) to add to my collection. For $999L, each single skin includes 1 makeup + a Clean face version (what I’m wearing above), and a bunch of freckles tattoos (I never wear those), and four brows tattoos. I also added extra blush, cat eyeliner, and two lip gloss tattoo over the Clean skin, to jazz it up a little. This face is youthful and pretty sweet, I think it’ll grow on me.


What I’m Wearing:

Glam Affair – Amberly (America) Clean BL
Exile – She’s So Mean (Stefani)
Tres Blah – Camille Outfit (S) Cream
Celoe – Snare Ankle Boots (Akaroa)
Magic Nook – Snow Baby Headband
Glitterati – Teddy Bear

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  1. Can you tell me what lip glosses you are wearing? I’m having a hard time finding lipsticks or glosses that look right on Amberly. So far, the two I keep going back to are your Big Night Out in rose and bloom. I am wearing the India shade, but I like pinks and most of the pinks I’ve found look silly. I love the color of your lips in these photos!

    • My favorite gloss is from Pink Fuel (part of the Elly skin) – Juicy Natural Gloss (it’s clear), you can layer any color under it and it’ll look great.

      • Thank you! I haven’t tried layering the lipsticks and glosses yet. I’ll definitely be giving it a go (go)!

        Have a Merry Christmas. 🙂

  2. Kumi will be missed!

    Amberly is a really cute skin, but I just can’t bring myself to be a fan of glam affair. Your negative reviews of them in the past have been forever ingrained in my subconscious preventing me from enjoying their skins despite improvements. LOL!

    • Yikes! Well Amberly has a different look to it, than the other skins. There have been lots of improvements, but sometimes it’s not consistent… like, some skins have tattoo lipsticks, but some do not.

  3. here i am at glam…looking at the amberly skin….i just don’t like it…cost to much…with to many freckles layers…and no cleveage…..ah i will stick with the chloe head and my league skin ….kisses…

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