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For Gorgeous by Scarlet Creative

Scarlet Creative - For Gorgeous

I am so excited to tell you guys about a new For Series home by Scarlet Creative! A few months ago, Charlotte Bartlett approached me create For Series home inspired by my style. I am familiar with her work, so I knew the home would have light textures and a clean architectural style.

What I want in an SL home is usually some type of cottage style, with lots of windows to let in natural SL lighting, and I love stairs. Charlotte created a stunning home, that I can’t wait to decorate!

For Gorgeous home specifications:

Land Impact
286 High Version
206 Low Version
Footprint 29x24M
Plot 4096 and above
Comes with shadows or no shadows version
Privacy working blinds to bedroom and study/bedroom and bathroom

Visit Scarlet Creative to check out this house!

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  1. Opal Rae

    Oh gosh, it’s beautiful, please show pics as you decorate, I’m sure you will do wonderful things with it 😀

    • Gogo

      Let’s hope I do! I haven’t had a home in months, so all my decor is old! Time for some new onesssssss.

  2. Sasy Scarborough

    it is stunning Gogo, really beautiful and definitely you 🙂 I love how spacious it looks.


  3. Charolotte Caxton


  4. Elle Couerblanc

    This is so YOU! Amazing build and I am sure you will make it equally fabulous in terms of decor.


  5. Isabelle

    Woww this makes me want to have land again! Looking forward to some pics of it furnished ^_^

  6. fleety

    Scarlet Creative builds are always amazing, one of the first places I refer people to when they are looking for unique and beautiful homes. Going to check out the demo asap.

  7. Alyseia Seaside


  8. Sylvie

    Saw this just yesterday and fell in love with it! Looked on your blog today …. and there it was! Of course! ha ha. This house is just fabulous. Please share photos as you decorate. Would love to see what your decorative touches bring. 🙂

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