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JuicyBomb 2012 Annual Report

JuicyBomb 2012 Annual Report

Check out the JuicyBomb 2012 Annual Report to view my stats! Over 840,000 hits in 2012!

I’m so excited about this report, thank you JetPack and WordPress! This year’s report is even better than last year’s report! The numbers of hits fell from 1.1 million to 840,000 thousand, but reader interaction went up, cos you guys commented a lot more! The top 5 commenters are: Opal Rae, Anahata, Charlotte Caxton, Vianne, and Tracy Redangel.

Thank you so much for your support in 2012! Even though readers do not always agree with me, I have really enjoyed reading your comments, and will try to make this blog even better next year.

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  1. Charolotte Caxton

    Ha! Who would have guessed I would be a top commenter, lol.

    I enjoy your blog because it introduces me to aspects of Second Life I may have otherwise missed out on. You are an inspiration to me and I love your style.

  2. Chantel Ashdene

    I really do love your blog, like I’ve always said your avi is the most beautiful I’ve seen and since I use your shapes it’s good to see what you’re wearing so I know what works for me too!
    I get so excited when a new post comes out, hehe. Keep up the amazing work, you are much loved by us all here who read you :]

  3. Evangelical

    Truly amazing, and something of which you should be extremely proud. Even though I don’t always agree with your opinions, they are always a breath of fresh air. Congratulations!

  4. vianne bellic

    Woot! May 13 is my birthday! And I definitely visited your blog then, too 😀
    ooh and I’m one of the top commenter 2nd time running…
    Kind of wonder if I aughtn’t shut my trap…

    Do you like comments on your posts?

    • Gogo

      Yes! I love comments <3 Blogging is like talking to myself, if nobody responds! 🙂 Thank you for making it less awkward hahaha!

  5. Lourdes

    Even with 840K visitors you are doing better than the majority. Now stop starting drama for the attention and hits. LOL ♥

  6. AliceInChains Arun

    Congrats Gogo! I confess that I always read your blog without making any comments but I really like how you not only shows the best quality outfits but also help people with news and suggestions! I wish you even more sucess in this new year that is coming!♥

  7. lovely

    grats on the well-deserved report! one thing i kinda use this blog for is quality assessment. you don’t use photoshop to disguise the clothing or accessories, which is fine if you’re going for the art, but it definitely helps me out when i’m looking for a new outfit to put together. i just think, well if gogo has it here lookin fly, it might look fly on me too! haha

  8. Sommerland

    I check your blog and Strawberry’s regularly, at least 4 x’s a week. It’s simple to check out, the new posts are right there at the top, usually have the latest thing going on, indicate an expertise with SL, and are pictorially well done and tasteful. Some blogs, although nicely done, have a more complicated approach and I lose interest quickly with that. I also appreciate that you state an opinion. I’ve been to some blogs, then bought the item posted, and been very dissatisfied with the fit or something and wondered what the blogger was thinking, but that doesn’t happen often. There’s really so many very talented and dedicated bloggers out there. But anyway, congratulations on a great year, keep on posting. 🙂

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