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The Arcade, Gacha II

Retro Headphones

So much Pink today! The floral purse that I wanted, aka the Tiny Satchel in Granny print from The Secret Store is now mine! mine! mine! Kavar went crazy at The Arcade and I benefited from it. Thanks to a hot tip from Lourdes, I went to the yard sales and bought myself the Retro Headphones from Standby Inc. in Care (hot pink) for just $50L! Score!

Also, a big huge thanks to Miss Lovely Quartet for sending me the floral purse too. Since I already had one, I don’t need it anymore, but if you guys want the purse and you have a Sleepy Eddy (UK) bag to trade, send her an IM in-world!

I’m pretty thrilled I have almost everything I wanted from The Arcade without spending a small fortune. How did you guys do? Did you get everything you wanted?

What I’m Wearing:

Pink Fuel – Alena (Honey)
Truth – Jemima (Swedish)
G-Field – Lace Top (Lucy) Ivory
Teefy – HighWaisted Short Denim Skirt (Pink) S
Maubray – Marijen Wedge w/ Sock
Standby Inc. – Retro Headphones (Care)
The Secret Store – Tiny Satchel (Granny)

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  1. Tracy Redangel

    I had a hard time just getting in because the sim is so full! lol But I did manage to score a few things before I got bumped off SL. I got a few pairs of the earmuffs from League, rainbow headphones, and a couple of snowglobes. I have a few extras that I’m going to save to gift to friends or for Greedy game prizes.

  2. bella szentmartony

    Good idea about the Greedy prizes Tracy! I got a few things I wanted like the rare rose ankle pants by curio obscura and the unicorn hat! I didn’t, however, get the fairy dust necklace from Pididdle that I wanted..yea I will be trying a few more times!

  3. Ariane Kronfeld

    Today i visit that gacha event and i just wanted the pink ugg boots of Mon Cheri. I spent 975L$ in that machine and just get tan colored and red colored and one pair of white / brown. So i lost all my money and got just shitty colors. I never will spend any money on aracde machine again and i still dont have the pink ugg boots. I think they do something cute into that machines and put it to ultrarare to get all your money. I am feeling totally scammed and wrote an IM to the owner, how i can get the pink boots now, cause i spent about 1000L$ in that machine and received just the same things. I am totally unhappy with that event. :((((

    • Gogo Check out all the yard sales, what you want might be there!

      • Ariane Kronfeld

        Hello Gogo, thank you so much for help! Thats a great idea, i didnt knew that. Anyway the very kind owner of Mon Cheri helped me too. She sent me the pink boots as a gift and explained me that those gacha machines are just a game. Maybe it was my fault, cause i thought everytime i pay again, i will receive a different color. Its just random and i didnt knew it. I am feeling stupid now ;( but i got my lesson and learned it. Thank you for your help and kindly regards.

  4. Opal Rae

    You look great, love the headphones 🙂
    I have been trying since the second it opened to get into the Arcade, no joy yet 🙁

  5. Lovely

    the bag suits you more than it did me, that’s for sure! prettypretty~ and thanks for the help as well, it’s cool that in the midst of going crazy greedy and spamming machines for what we want, we can turn our losses into making others happy xx

  6. Lourdes

    I always know I can dump my pink dupes on you. LOL sent you the panther head phones we talked about too <3

    • Gogo

      Sweeeeeeeeet! TY!

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