The Empress and Hierophant sim, along with all the other sims surrounding Alchemy Immortalis is for sale and will be closing soon! I took this opportunity to visit the sheeps one last time. Goodbye, lil’ sheepies!

If I made a list of my Five Favorite Places in Second Life (check out Ziki’s list!), I would definitely put Empress and Hierophant on it! Many people love this sim, so we’ll see if it can be saved and preserved!


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  1. oh nooo, i wish i could save this sim… but i already have to rebuild Water Reserve. I wish i had the RAW file…

  2. At least it seems that the shop will stay.
    Just a tiny heads up compared to the loss of scenery, but at least the pretty stuff to buy isn’t gone for good.

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  4. Wow, I just read about this earlier today on NWN. Along with this sim closing and the recently closed Japan sims I am very sad. Unlike the Japan sims that I felt needed some updating, the Alchemy Immortalis sims had such a timeless feel to it that I don’t think they would have ever been out of style. *sigh*

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