My Fur Hoody

My Fur Hoody

Brrrrr! It’s freezing outside! I’m so happy to log into SL and find that Monso released something warm and cozy. The My Fur Hoody jacket is amazing, and is unisex! Visit Monso to see all 7 colors, and buy one for yourself and a friend! I can’t wait to see all the looks that includes this hoody, especially the male version! 🙂

My Fur Hoody

I didn’t want to do a traditional Winter look, so I am wearing a sheer body suit from Deetalez underneath the hoody, and pairing it with sexy new Amae Sandals from Celoe.

What I’m Wearing:

Pink Fuel – Kumi (Peach) Pure (bwnbrow/crease)
Exile – Don’t Wait (Stefani)
Monso – My Fur Hoody (White) Girls/size2/S
Deetalez – Sheer Cotton Body (White)
Magic Nook – Peace Necklace (Silver)
Celoe – Amae Sandals (Depth/Sleek)

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  1. Nice. I like the white, pure look of it, which is both my RL and SL style.

    I have yet to find a hoodie where the designer has solved the problem of one’s hair sticking through the hood as your avvie’s head moves. What was your experience with the Monso hoodie in this regard?

    • Unless the hair is made & rigged together with the mesh hoody, it’ll happen with almost any hair. I guess you can always wear a super short bob, or stand very still for pictures 😀

      • I tried the demo and even with my special “hoodie hair” (very short hair that I’ve used for other mesh hoodies), my hair stuck out of the hood.

        As lovely as this item is, I won’t buy it because of that issue. It does make a lovely photograph but if if I am spending money for a coat, I’d like to wear it for something other than a still photo.

        Perhaps Morphine Janick will design a hoodie (or someone will) that has that rigged hair that works seamlessly with the clothing. That’d be brilliant, actually.

        I also never buy hats unless the hair is an integral part of them for the same reason.

        • A good thing too…is to alter your hair so it doesn’t poke through, save it in the file with the hoodie. I do that with a lot of my mesh hoodie things.

  2. It’s a great coat, but I sort’ve regretted not demo-ing it first because of the hair issue, if anyone finds a style that works with this please reply or hit me up in-world, thank you 🙂

    • Chantel:

      I have special “hoodie hair” that I altered years ago to go with a prim hoodie (before mesh appeared). It doesn’t work with this hoodie…nor with any mesh hoodie.

      Unless Morphine Janick of Monso releases an update with mesh hair rigged to the hood, the only hair that will work is to go with a Sinead O’Connor look (not bald but shaved). That means wearing a hairbase such as:

      Of course, this only “works” if your avatar is rather waifish and doe-eyed. Mine is modelled after the RL me, so curvy…shaved hair makes me look like one of the Three Stooges or maybe a head trauma patient.

      There *is* another possibility I’ve not tried. It’s hair from Pelle:

      If you wear the largest size of hoody, the hair at the above link might not stick through, since it’s basically a shaved look with a forelock…and the hood will hide everything but the forelock. You will still have to do some editing to render the hair tuft on the back of the skull 100% invisible, but that should be easy to do.

      My experience with my “hoodie hair”, which is a short bob where I made everything but the bangs and the front strands of the sides invisible, was that the bangs *still* stuck through the hood when my avatar turned her head.

      We could all write Morphine Janick and ask her to work with a talented designer such as Truth Hawks to create a mesh hoodie with mesh hair integrated into it! I suggested it to Truth himself but haven’t heard back from him. I think it’s time we were able to put our hoods up in Second Life without suffering the embarrassment of Pokey Hair.

  3. Its not hard to fix the hair to work with it. Find some mod and copy hair and make a copy for the hoodie folder. Make the hair 100% transparent, then select to edit links and pick a few strands that could show around the face to change back to 0% transparent. Ta-da!

  4. Tried this and all lies good work with Photoshop u did the hair comes out with the hoodie

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