White Picket Fence

White Picket Fence

It may be freezing in many parts of the States this week, but in SL, the weather is always perfect for whichever outfit mood you’re in. I’m in a Springy sort of mood today, so I put together a vibrant outfit to pose against the new White Picket Fence pose prop from Glitterati (now at the new Kateyland sim).

I also want to thank Hamlet for blogging about my Downton post on NWN!

What I’m Wearing:

Pink Fuel – Kumi (Peach) Pure (bwnbrow/crease)
Exile – I Will Wait (Autumn)
Monso – My Tied Bratop (White) tinted
Monso – My Leather Skirt (White) Size2/S
Celoe – Aelia Wedges (Summer)
Mon Tissu – Oui Necklace (Gold)

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  1. Very nice to see you in darker hairs, I’m a brunette in RL so I do enjoy your darker posts, but I do have to say I’m always blonde in SL and I adore your Blonde looks :]

  2. Hi there, do you know where or when we will be able to buy this new hairstyle, it looks fab but can’t find it anywhere 🙁 thanks xx

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