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Fury Bear Scarf, Polar

Fury Bear Scarf / Polar

I saw someone wear this Fury Bear Scarf (hat) from Nacon, and had to have it! I found the store on the Marketplace, and it had a couple of items listed. I also looked at the creator’s profile in-world, and there is no in-world store (yet) cos the brand is new, I guess.

Try a demo of this Fury Bear Scarf before you buy, cos the it is rigged mesh and only comes in 3 sizes. I searched for ages in my inventory to find the right hairstyle that would ‘work” with this hat, and it was not easy! I didn’t want to wear a short hairstyle, so I chose the Over hairstyle (braids) from Elikatira.

Although I’m ready for Spring, I will probably do a few more Winter styles in Second Life, at least until February! 🙂

What I’m Wearing:

Pink Fuel – Kumi (Peach) Pure (bwnbrow/crease)
Nacon – Fury Bear Scarf (Polar) 1.2 Wide
Elikatira – Over (Blonde 05)
Mon Tissu – Ruffled Shell (Solid) M Pearl
Teefy – Basics Highwaist Short Denim Skirt (Black) S
Mon Tissu – Heathrow Boots (Black)
Mandala – Smexy Tie Necklace (Cross) Urushi Black

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  1. AliceInChains Arun

    One of my favorite items! Love the bear scarf I have all the colors but takes time to find the right hair, I never tried with that one! Love your look Gogo!<3

  2. Ziki Questi

    Hehe—cute but I think they mean furry, not fury. 😉

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