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Happy New Year!

Green Chair

Happy New Year, Second Life! I’m starting my first blog post this year in Pink, my favorite color. I also have a pretty large hair bow, given to me by Sophia Harlow. I love gifts of Pink! My outfit is the Draped Skirt & Peplum Jacket from Ricielli. This brand is fast becoming one of my favorite places for mesh clothing.

pretty big bow

What I’m Wearing:

Pink Fuel – Kumi (Peach) Pure (bwnbrow/crease)
Truth – Moxie (Swedish)
Ricielli – (S) Draped Skirt (Laced Pink)
Ricielli – (S) Peplum Jacket (Laced Pink)
Atomic – Endearing Earrings (Gold)
Auxiliary – Gacha Slouchy Leather Bow (Pink)
Celoe – Petal Sandals (White)
MudHoney – Beckett Desk

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  1. Chantel Ashdene

    Happy New Year right back atcha, Gogo!
    Pink is my favourite colour as well.
    You look adorable :]

  2. Veronika Larsson

    I like Ricielli as well. Alas, that jacket and skirt are not for sale in their main store nor on the Marketplace. Too bad, I wanted to try it out.

    • Raya

      If they don’t sell it at the main shop or in marketplace, where is it being sold? Maybe is it only being sold at some special event? Be real nice to know!

  3. Dahl

    I’m glad to see you’re wearing Kumi again. I was afraid Amberly might be your new main skin!!
    This is random and not relevant to the point, but do you know if Mochi of Pink Fuel is working on any new skins?

    Cute outfit and photos!

  4. dawnde lane

    im hijacking this post for an idea of a blogger challenge ,

    everyone makes such beautiful avatars and everyone does such a good job making the best of SL… i was wondering if maybe a challenge of what you looked like/would of wanted to look like as a child avatar challenge in sl?

    i know RP a child its hard to make it look as much of a child as i would like it to and there is a lot of mesh avatars out there… but this is the fun part? anyways i know most people are against/dont agree with it and was wondering if maybe its a good idea to look into it further!

    • Dahl

      I’d like to see a mini Gogo!

      • Chantel Ashdene

        Aha! That’d be hella cute >.>

  5. Rayvn Hynes

    You made my desk and chair look really good!

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