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I need a new monitor!

Monitor situation update!!!! 1/18/13

Thank you so much everyone, for all of your responses! I placed an order for the HP 2511x 25-Inch LED Monitor – Black from Amazon on the 16th, and it arrived today! When I plugged it into my desktop, the monitor didn’t display any pictures using the DVI cable, so I tried it with the VGA cable (with an adapter) it worked! I wondered if my DVI ports were broken somehow, so I swapped out my current graphics card (NVidia GTX 570) with my old graphics card (NVidia GTX 260) and my monitor worked again!!!! I should have done this two days ago, prior to ordering a new monitor, but I was lazy and didn’t want to open the tower (it’s a lil’ intimidating!).

Anyway…. so, it’s not Samsung’s fault after all! I <3 you again Samsung. I really like the HP 2511x 25″ monitor too, it’s so SHINY, and gorgeous. If I don’t get a response from EVGA about a replacement, I’ll have to send this monitor back, and buy a new graphics card instead.

That’s all. I’m back, with my old (and slightly less fabulous) graphics card.


I need a new monitor! Today I can’t get the display to recognize my source, it switches between analog/digital and now the power source light is blinking. I’m typing this post on my iPad, so I’ll keep it short!

Please suggest a new monitor between $200-$300US that has a 24″ display or bigger, is digital (my pc doesn’t have an analog port), and the picture needs to be nice and sharp! Also, don’t suggest Samsung, cos I hate them with a passion now!!!!!! My old display was a 24″ Samsung, and I liked it before it died on me!

If you can provide an Amazon link, even better.

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  1. Chantel Ashdene

    HAHA, sorry but you’re funny when you’re feisty!
    I don’t know what to suggest being an Aussie everything is different here, but good luck in purchasing one 🙂

    • Gogo

      Yea, I don’t like unexpected expenses! 🙁

  2. Archan Allen

    For my monitors, the most important criterias are : good real colors + +reactivity (for games) + energy saving. What about you ?

    My fav monitor of all times is “iiyama ProLite B2475HDS” (this is 24″, their 27″ is great too).
    It’s quite cheap, but one of world’s best true colors (they are very well reproduced without needing big settings modifications). I have 3 like this at home (22″, 24″ & 27″), not just for me, but me and my husband. I recommend ! (Samsung monitors are very different from one to another, the brand is not really secure for monitors. One can be redish, another really good… A brand does not guaranty anything in hardware). Just look at monitors analysis on specialized websites, they usually tell the right products to buy (price, criteria, what you use for).

    So you need an HDMI port, is that what you mean ?

    I just visited my fav website (French), and they say best monitors at the moment, in your price range, are :
    – Philips Brilliance 241P4QPY (no HDMI) (24″)
    – Iiyama ProLite B2481HS-B1 (no HDMI) (24″)
    – AOC e2752Vq (27″)
    – Asus VG278H (27″) (3D compatible)

    I hope it will help ! 🙂

  3. chic aeon

    I have had a Viewsonic VS2702w for well over a year and am very happy with it. A quick search got me this at Amazon but there may be better prices out there.

  4. Archan Allen

    Erratum :
    – iiyama ProLite B2481HS-B1 (no HDMI) (24″) => It has HDMI, my mistake. Its colors are not as good as they were before.

    But the 27″ iiyama ProLite B2712HDS-B1 is better and still for sale, so go for it if you find it !

    All those references live long and have good qualities for photo edition & games.

  5. cherry deluxe

    ugh that is just sad. In my experience samsung monitors have short lives, i have had 3 die on me the last 3 years. the one i have now i have had for about a year, im kinda expecting it to die on me soon

    good luck finding a nice monitor

  6. Nalates Urriah (@Nalates)

    It may not be the monitor. You need to borrow a monitor to try. See if it is the video card or the monitor. …or take the monitor to a friends and try it on their computer. You will be really bummed if you replace the monitor when you need a video card.

    I love my Samsung. But, I have had it decide not to show a picture. That was because mine has touch controls. Trying to turn it off I have managed to change the source. Be certain you have not messed up the source setting.

    If the computer goes to sleep the auto feature on Samsung can miss the live source and think there is no source.

    Good luck.

  7. Ann Launay

    Don’t buy HP. The one I have at home has had intermittent issues since I bought it and, after less than a year, I’m soooo ready to replace it.

    We have the Dell U2412Ms at work at they seem pretty solid.

  8. Colbyson Kyomoon

    I can second that the Dell 24 inch is the best. It’s what I use and I had a limitless budget. It’s a professional grade monitor, but more reliable then most of the more expensive monitors. Which is why I choose it.

  9. Raven Serrurier

    I’m sorry to hear that..I hope you find one soon.

  10. Jade Glazner


    Newegg is a great site so if that one’s not perfect for you feel free to browse their other selections. When I bought all of the parts to build my PC last year I bought from them and everything was great. The shipping price was reasonable and I had all of my stuff within a few days.

  11. Gemma Reinerman

    I find getting the right monitor to be a long and arduous adventure one I have undertaken a lot and that no matter what I tend to find something I forgot to check and yet have to live with what I got.

    I’ve also had a Samsung monitor run off and not switch its display on without some weird fiddling with the power lead which doesn’t always work. I could recommend LG but one of their screens just died on me and while it was replaced free of charge it was a 2 week process.

    I find my opinion siding with Dell to an extent, I also like Asus and Acer though like the Asus one below

    $249.99 (after rebate)

    Though having a chat with the Tiger Direct or Newegg sales guys might also help or prove endlessly frustrating lol

  12. Allaine Lavendel

    Oh my, you are so right. my old flat screen monitor was a samsung and had the very same problem, with weird corrupted colors on screen and randomly switching analog / digital even when turned off. I got me an acer P235H and Im pretty happy with it, thou I think is only 23 inch.

  13. Brody Cioc

    Any of the Dell UltraSharp IPS monitors or ASUS monitors. I had an Acer before my ASUS now and the color accuracy even for a cheaper panel was like night and day. With the Dell IPS panel it would be even more accurate. Just be careful with the IPS as it can have some motion blur issues but overall if you arent playing very fast moving games I wouldnt worry about it.

    And I hate to break it to you but Samsung probably makes a lot of these vendors panels for them. : They are just a large OEM that supplies a lot of companies. If you want exactly the opposite you could go with an LG panel. But thats up to you. LG could supply Dell with their IPS panels, I just dont know for sure.

  14. Lillith Hapmouche

    Another vote for the Dell 2412M option, I wouldn’t want to miss mine. When buying a new screen, I wouldn’t get anything else but an IPS panel these days. There are several videos on YouTube showing a TN panel next to an IPS one and you already get an idea of the more vibrant and sharp looking display of an IPS.
    The iiyama ProLite monitors also get a lot of good feedback. It’s a bit of a style question as well, when you need to pick between similar monitors.

    If you want to upgrade to a 27”, just make sure that your graphics card still has enough beef to avoid a performace loss, at least when it comes with a higher resolution than 1920×1080 … or 1920×1200. For SL, I find the latter on a 16:10 aspect ratio comes in handy. 120 more pixels in height to squeeze in some more inventory folders or chatlog, yay.

    And double check that you got the right cables to connect your new setup. That would be a huge frustration if you got the new shiny and you can only get crappy VGA + adapter quality versus DVI / HDMI / DisplayPort. The digital connections are interchangable, though… there are cables to connect from HDMI to DVI or to DisplayPort or DisplayPort to DVI etc. … usually, that’s no problem at all.
    If you need to buy a new one, just make sure that there aren’t any reviews which report odd misfunctions like image tearing or lines and flickering. Those cables are most likely a waste of money.

    If you’re interested in more in-depth tests, I recommend

  15. Alura Baily

    This isn’t a monitor suggestion, but for the absolute best colour & screen resolution.. have you considered Apple? I’m in the graphic and interactive design field and I couldn’t imagine using a PC. I bought my iMac this past August and I run SL easily with my graphics on ultra, DoF on, lights and shadows, and high draw distance (above 600).. all while running PS or AI in the background. (My computer may or may not fry soon!) But graphics aside, the customer service I receive is great and its an all around solid investment. I realize you’re looking for a quick, inexpensive fix but if you’re ever considering a long term and permanent change you should consider Apple as an investment.

    As far as inexpensive screens.. sometimes local universities have new or gently used monitors they get off their hands for DIRT cheap. ($25-$50.00) I also swear by craigslist & ebay.

    Good luck!

  16. CronoCloud Creeggan

    have you considered a…. TV? Many of them come with the necessary inputs for PC use. Sure they top out at 1920×1080 but that is probably as good as that Samsung. They also can be acquired cheap, and have easy to use menu’s and stuff to adjust color and whanot to your taste. They also have built in speakers and sound better than most of those dinky little desktop speaker sets.

    Also since it’s a TV you can just run out to any local store and get one after seeing it in action rather than having to wait for newegg or whatnot.

  17. Ziki Questi

    I’ll second Alura’s suggestion. I have a 27″ iMac and LOVE it—the screen is spectacular, and like Alura I can run SL in “ultra” (although surprisingly that means different things in different viewers) with shadows and my draw distance at 1024 (not that I usually keep it there).

  18. LL

    Keep after EVGA! Life Guarantee! They are usually really good about it, but I havent owned and EVGA in a few years. They were always REALLY good about replacements though.

    • Gogo

      Oohh good to know! I have already opened an RMA request with them. So we’ll see how fast I can get a replacement sent.

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