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Hi everyone! I checked out a few residential estate sims last night, and some of them are very well landscaped. I don’t really want to admit this, but I totally miss my homestead sim! I miss having my beach house on the ground, and the shimmering SL water.

Where do you live in SL? On the ground? In the sky? Do you prefer beachy, grassy, or some other terrain?

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  1. Vianne

    I’ve got a parcel on a sim which changes with the (british/northern hemisphere) seasons, which is lovely! It’s by a stream and little waterfall. I used to always get corner lots, but the view is just endless blank ocean that way!

    I like to rebuild and redecorate endlessly, so the changing season is lovely!

    It’s just gone to spring, so now I need to tear down my wintry house and start afresh! Whee!

  2. Mirela

    I’m living the sky for the time being as the price is always lower than a grounded parcel. But I would like one day to have again a beach house by the SL Ocean. It’s such a great view to relax and the shimmering water is the sight I love the most in this world.

  3. Lyre Dunia

    I have a little tropical island on a very quiet sim surrounded by the beautiful ocean. During the summer, I’m more inclined to rez a summer house on the ground and decorate the land with lots of palm trees. But in winter, I am high in the sky. I rez my snowy cottage in a winter skysphere.

  4. Gidge Uriza

    I live in the Linden Ghetto. I want to move someplace beachy someday 🙁 I miss having land.

  5. Sommer

    I love living off the ocean on shimmering sands, so peaceful and relaxing, but right now I’m just living on the cheap up in the sky.

  6. Lallie

    We currently live in the sky in a box that is built to look like a little beach setting so we have sand and a bit of water and a beach house. We did live on the ground for a bit but moved up when club moved in next door. I like the sound of a sim that changes with the seasons, though!

  7. Veronika Larsson

    I bought a beach/ocean sphere that satisfies my tropical craving. I had bad experiences living on the ground; too many people spying on my activities in my house, etc. Much more relaxing to live in the sky. I have the occasional intruder but my security system gently escorts them home.

    Phil Linden said that one thing that puzzled him about Second Life is that the buildings so closely resembled those in First Life. In Second Life, we are obviously not bound by considerations such as the structural strength of materials, gravity, etc…but yet we act as if we are. What does that say about us?

    • Gogo

      The majority of users also prefer realistic human avatars, when we can be any animal, or object! I think what it says about us, is that we view SL as an extension of ourselves. We like familiar things, and standard house with realistic landscaping.. yea, we want that lol.

      • Veronika Larsson

        Are these the same people who transport their avatars by teleporting and flying? Well, at least we don’t have to exercise and there’s no B.O. in Second Life.

        Our avatars are about as realistic as Barbie Dolls, actually…but I know what you mean. I sometimes envy people who have the courage to be a faun. I mean, if you become a faun, your shoe collection automatically becomes USELESS. I could never do that.

      • Ziki Questi

        I usually use a human avatar too, although I really enjoy trying wildly different concepts (some of which don’t look remotely human!). I love the creativity I find in crazy avatar designs, but at the same time there is a sort “personality” that they often don’t convey.

    • TerryAnn Antonelli

      I like the fantasy aspect of SL too, going about as a purple kangaroo with wings much of the time. People who could never afford to own a mansion or castle on the beach in real life, can live those fantasies in SL. Maybe Phil Linden never had to struggle for a nice home, affordable clothes and good looks, but for many people, having that *is* a fantasy.

  8. Lourdes

    I prefer beach themes. We had a house on the ground, now we have a house in a grassy SkyDome. We rarely use it. We mostly “live” on the photo studio platform in the sky. lol

    • Gogo

      I had a fully furnished beach house on a hs sim, but rarely tp’d down from my platform to use it. I do miss it though!

      • Archan Allen

        To end this, I decided to include my photo studio into my house, and this is a GREAT change, I now use my house everytime I’m log in ! Try it, you’ll be happier :]

    • Veronika Larsson

      I like my skysphere because I completely control the environment. I cycle through all four seasons in it. Right now, the trees are magnificent with ice crusted on their branches. In spring, they’ll show little green buds and there will be bluer skies.

  9. Fleur Cooperstone

    We live on a 1/4th homestead sim which is a nice little island all by itself. I also have a holodeck skybox which has scenes from rl all around – its fun to escape to different beaches or mountains once in a while.

  10. Tracy Redangel

    I live on an 1/8 of a sim (corner) with my husband. It’s a non-themed residential sim so we can pretty much do what we want with our land . We’ve both lived here for most of our SL (a little over two years) so it really is our virtual home. We usually do a beach theme, but we wanted a change now we have a corner sim-surround in a mountain theme and live in a cabin. Now, when you share land with a significant other who is also your real life spouse you have to compromise LOL. It’s a linden sand texture land, so my husband rezzed a couple of mega prims and threw a grass texture on it. Blech! He’s off playing Skyrim, so I think I’m going to get one of those land texture changers, heehee.

  11. Vampira Aristocrat

    I had a large parcel of [decent] mainland AND half a homestead sim I rented. I had the mainland landscaped with a beautiful AF NYC Loft Skybox and the homestead sim was rolling hills and forest and was drop dead gorgeous. The sim closed abruptly and I decided to scale back in SL. I sold off all my mainland save for a 512 parcel which is “free” via premium. I still have the NYC skybox decorated so it is GORGEOUS & some minimal but nice landscaping below. I will always keep that as a “fallback”. My new hobby making my property and home look as amazing as possible on a low prim budget. I missed having an SL water view that was open and had no other homes in it’s site line, so I finally found a cheap piece of estate land that was open, only 500+ prims and thanks to JVTK land tool, I’ve created a beautiful snowy home that is lush inside and out and I’m not even close to my prim count. I will change seasons using this fab tool (I have no “interest” in JVTK, just have found it a phenomenal product) with each season.

    Pictures of both my properties can be seen in my profile, although I have tweaked them further just yesterday and still not posted to my profile or blog:
    After I give up land and retreat to my skybox, like you Gogo, I always start missing having some terra firma and splashing in an open view of shiny SL waters…

  12. Ziki Questi

    I have a 1/2 homestead sim. It’s not beachy or tropical—more like low rolling grasslands surrounded by high mountains on one side and the sea on the other. Prior to this I had a 1/4 homestead for a while and there just wasn’t enough space, although it was cozy. 🙂 (If anyone wants to visit, search my blog for William Weaver’s build #13, which is rezzed overhead for people to use.)

    Even now I think sometimes I should go up to a full homestead—I need the prims allowance!

  13. Raven Serrurier

    I live in a multiscene skybox. I love it!

  14. Anya

    I actually prefer little country settings, and always in the sky, it’s much more private.

  15. Isabelle

    I live on a platform at the moment. No house or anything! Just enough to do my blogging and dressing and whatnot but I really really miss having land. I love a nice green, foresty sim that could be for any season. I’m seriously thinking about finding a place again!

  16. GasOven

    Man, I really miss having an SL home after reading this. I actually loved living in the mainland because I loved how frequently the neighbors changed and how wacky my surrounds became week after week. I only used my place a little so I didn’t mind having people constantly spying in or the fact that sometimes those little Linden cars and Trojan horses would come flying through my kitchen when things lagged. Only using it a little is also why I no longer have it. It was nice though. I liked seeing all of the creativity that went on just outside the window.

  17. Veronika Larsson

    I wonder if people shouldn’t pool their resources and buy a lovely “timeshare” house in Second Life. My experience with my private island that I once had was that I rarely went there, which is why I gave it up–but it was nice to visit it on occasion. Now that I think about it, I should’ve rounded up other people who also liked to visit my island home on occasion and we could’ve shared the expense (and beauty) of the place.

    The trick is, you have to get people who are respectful, financially responsible, and who agree on how the place should be landscaped. Otherwise, it’s a very very very roommate situation! Probably why no one I know of has done it….

  18. Chantel Ashdene

    Cute look, I would’ve never bought this hair, tbh, but I did once I saw this, looks great!

  19. Roxi Bluewood

    I live on a platform in the sky, tho i like on the ground I hate dealing with lag, and also on a platform I have an excuse for my messy style :)) as I leave boxes all over the place.

  20. Wyatt Wellman

    So many similar stories of former partial or full HS owners. I totally agree with you Gogo. I too had a full Homestead Sim. I had multiple platforms I used for creating things, photoshoots, etc., and down below I created a complete winter sim, frozen lake, snowed-in cars and a warm and cozy cabin. I even liked the people I was dealing with, they seemed reasonable in their pricing. It’s just that after about a year or so, I could no longer justify the RL dollars in the economic crunch. But wow do I miss it. I feel like this is the year I try to make allowances in my budget to do it again…if the RL economy improves!

  21. Chantel Ashdene

    I have a lovely parcel on the ground, surrounded by water, waterfalls, rovers, trees, a pier, i’m slowly doing it up.
    I also keep an empty Linden home to change in, as sometimes I get the occasional unexpected visitor, lol.
    Love my land, though, feels so cosy and it’s nice to just sit and chill there when i’m not out exploring or shopping.

    • Chantel Ashdene

      rivers* D’oh.

  22. The Blogging Elf

    I found a sim that I realy, really love: I was allowed to landscape, it has a very good grassy groundtexture (usually, the groundtextures are ugly as sin imho!), very kind landlords and an overall medievalish setting, so I can use it for role-play. 🙂

    I want to live on the ground, to be able to create my own little world there. I want to be allowed to terraform, have friendly neighbours with taste and residential only sims. 🙂 The price I pay is a BIT higher than your usual cheap island on some random company-sim, but it is totally worth it. 🙂 If anyone wants to have a look feel free to IM me (Arica Storaro) ingame!

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