Juicy Gloss

Hi there! I’m Cake, contributing artist to the Chelle team. I’m dressed in bright colors today to talk to you about our latest lip gloss release.

You may have noticed that instead of the usual six colors Chelle releases for lipstick, we’ve put out a full range of 18. Why? The reason why, is because you asked for it to happen!

With our new range, however, some may be confused about what looks best on them. So, here’s a tip:

Juicy Gloss I is for everybody. Just like with our Mean Reds lipstick collection, we created a range of colors where half of it looks more natural on you, while the other half is a bit dressier. Those who wear darker skins will find the darker and purple tones to be more suited for natural/casual wear, while the brighter pinks and reds are a bolder look for them. Those who wear lighter skins will find the exact opposite to be true.

Juicy Gloss II is more favored for darker skins. You will find more tones in this collection to benefit you, if you have tan to deep brown skin tone. The darkest tone we tested for this collection, is Glam Affair’s Gitana 02. Here’s a before and after using our Goth shade:

Juicy Gloss

Juicy Gloss III is favored more for lighter skin tones. The colors are bright and blend in best on a fairer skin color. If you wear a tan skin tone, it will look good on you as well.

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