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Vive9 clothes is a hit or miss sometimes, but tried on this SoftySilky Cropped Blouse, and just love the sweet floral print! This blouse can be purchased online at the Vive9 Marketplace store (by Sanya Bilavio). This made shopping so much easier and lag-free! I love that I was able to browse the entire collection without leaving my stand 😀

I hate navigating shops to find what I want, so the MP is my favorite place to shop. Do you prefer the in-world experience, or MP shopping?

What I’m Wearing:

Pink Fuel – Kumi (Peach) Pure (bwnbrow/crease)
Exile – The Only Exception (Maple)
Zaara – Kanti Braziere (Frost)
Vive9 – SoftySilky Cropped Blouse (XS) Floral Glacier
Mon Tissu – Gauzy Skirt (Egg Shell)
LaGyo – Alice necklace
SLink – Suede Wrap Wedge
Belgravia – Totem Bag (Snow Ostrich)

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  1. Ohna

    I love the look! As for a preference, I don’t think I really have one but I would say that if I did, I would lean towards marketplace shopping. As you said, lag-free shopping is great, and if they offer demos on marketplace too, that’s even better! Sometimes I look around at the sim if it is really cool, but I’m more of an in and out person.

  2. Sommer Restless

    I do like marketplace shopping as well as in-world shopping. I like having a look at store builds, especially when their new & finding awesome photography spots and especially with the credit systems a lot of people are using you can’t get that from marketplace, which is a downside. Hopefully they change that soon?!

  3. Lyre Dunia

    I prefer in-world shopping just for the experience. I only shop from the MarketPlace for different hair colors of the hair styles that I already own.

  4. AliceInChains Arun

    Lovely post Gogo! I feel you! I love MP is so much easier especially when you are trying to find something to complete a look that you are going to blog! More stores should do that, cause it’s also a great way to gift people.I rarely left my platform so i’m with you.^^

  5. Chantel Ashdene

    You look great, the far-left pic is real nice.

  6. Marianne

    I prefer the MP, because it’s faster. But if it’s a new designer, I often take a look at their inworld location, just to get a feeling of how I like their style in general. Demos is an absolute must if I am shopping on the MP.

  7. Katie Chingseng

    I too prefer Marketplace shopping. My partner and I even play a game called Marketplace Madness where we set a budget and try to purchase decent outfits for each other. We donate the difference of what we spent versus what our budget was to a charity. It’s just something fun to do. 🙂 Another great look Gogo!

  8. Veronika Larsson

    In-world shopping with the girls to share the experience and share opinions; Marketplace for solo shopping.

    The lag issue isn’t the worst thing that happens. There’s more and more begging bots and griefing attacks at the popular shopping venues. I was “attacked” by a gang of “children” last time I shopped in-world (8 or 9 of the little buggers). I may write a screenplay based on that experience, Night of the Munchkins.

    There are many designers who refuse to sell on the Marketplace for one reason or another. I think that’s a mistake on their part, because the Marketplace makes it far easier to gift a product to someone.

  9. mari Malaspina

    I prefer the MP simply because I hate lag and waiting for 9 million textures to rez in a store is a pain. I save my sim hopping for looking for good photography spots. I do go to the shopping events though (and crash).

    • Gogo

      There is no cost to list items on the Marketplace. LL does take a very small % of the sale price when a sale is made, but it does not justify a markup at all! People who do it are actually just being assholes.

  10. Carina Gonzales

    The answer to in-world shopping vs. marketplace depends on the situation. And most of the time, the choice isn’t the buyer’s.

    Many sellers DON’T put their entire inventories on the marketplace, (though I wish they would) so you’re usually forced to go in-world anyway. In addition, it’s hard to get a real feel for anything that you’re buying that’s three-dimensional. For example, if I’m buying attachment wings, a picture of them just ain’t gunna cut it. I want to see them demo’d on me.

    The prices also often differ between marketplace and in-world. I believe (and correct if I’m wrong) there’s more of a cost to put items on the marketplace, so most sellers understandably put that extra expense on the buyer.

    The bottom line is, whenever I find an item on the marketplace that I really like, if it’s in any way pricey, I ALWAYS double check in-world first, just to make sure the price isn’t lower there and that it looks the way I think it’ll look.

    • Veronika Larsson

      If there’s a sales event, the sales prices are rarely posted for Marketplace items–it’s in-world only. I’ve spoken privately with some well-known Second Life merchants and many of them are resentful of feeling “forced” to be on the Marketplace at all in order to be competitive.

      I’m not certain I understand this attitude. The Lindens take a small percentage of their sales from the Marketplace, but other than that, what’s the problem? I find it rather odd that people who sell items in a virtual world don’t want to post their items for sale on a website….

      • Veronika Larsson

        …except that I do know that merchants have complained about the ratings system. It’s like Yelp in RL: they feel it’s unfair somebody can just drop them a one-star rating or write what they consider an unfair review of the product.

        • Gogo

          I never leave reviews, good or bad. Can’t be bothered on the MP. My blog is where I “review” so merchants shouldn’t be afraid of MP!! EMBRACE IT!

  11. Roxi Bluewood

    I am more of a in-world shopping girl, I rarely buy something on mp, I don`t really have reasons but I find it more safe in world lol. I like the feelling and the rush of an in-world shopping sesion also and I am all excited, I think I go 2 or 3 times to be sure I don`t find something else that it`s prettier. I am very indecisive when it comes to shop esspecially when there are so many nice things and with a limited budget :))

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