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I feel like such a SteamPunk Princess with this new Lillian hairstyle from LeLutka. I’m not doing the hair justice at all, cos I didn’t dress SteamPunkishly (BUT SOME DAY I WILL). This hair has a color-changing snood that can also be turned off. This hair is amaaaazing, I’ll have a hard time taking it off.

Kaelyn Alecto invited me to visit her lovely sim, so visited today to shoot these photos. The sim is unfinished, but so gorgeous already! I miss having my own space, but I’m also happy when other people invite me to visit their spaces!


I’m dressed for the beach, sort of! 🙂

What I’m Wearing:

Pink Fuel – Kumi (Peach) Pure (bwnbrow/crease)
Pink Fuel – Lip Glaze (Jelly Pink)
LeLutka – Lillian (Marilyn)
Detour – Lingerie #1 (Pink Bra)
Dollle – Striped Boyfriend Shirt
LaGyo – Wishbone Necklace (Gold)
SLink – Mesh Bare Feet
SLink – Ilena Sandals (White)

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  1. AliceInChains Arun

    I’m in love with that hair too! I was thinking in a elf look.. not sure yet! It looks fabulous on you.♥

  2. Kaelyn Alecto

    Look at you! So pretty! Glad you like the sim so far!

  3. Juno

    Such a lovely hair style! It’s just such a shame LeLutka’s hair textures are SO dull, undetailed and blah! After wearing D!va hair for months on end now, anything else just looks like a lump of clay on your av’s head! I just adore how the textures from that creator look like lovely soft freshly washed hair. I only leave this comment in the hopes this great designer will update their textures (and others too!!) as this style and others of hers are so wonderful. Lovely post though! 🙂

    • Gogo

      D!va is ok, not my favorite hair brand in SL at all, cos their textures look like a flexi mess.

    • Ke

      I don’t really like D!va hair because their textures remind me of a splotchy hair dye which is a bit too greasy… The highlights are very very overdone. While I agree Lelutka’s hair textures could have a little more detail to it… I would not say D!va is really better. I would rather weat Lelutka, Magika, or Truth most likely than D!va even if they have some cute styles.

  4. samsara capalini

    I really like De La and Analog dog, I think curls are done really well with both these designers.

  5. Xeea

    As always you look adorable. I just adore that hair. =3

  6. Juno

    I guess everyone has their own idea of what pretty hair is! I love D!va because it looks the most like my own hair in terms of the shade/texture when it’s freshly washed and I do not dye my hair or do anything at all with it cosmetically. So to me D!va is the most natural looking, personally. I’m just sad about this lovely Renessaince style because it’s just so beautiful but I keep thinking there is a blob on my head at the same time, as it’s just so dull and lifeless in the texture! Maybe other colours are better, but the brown pack I bought – none are pretty in texture. Also I get endless compliments and people asking where I got xyz D!va hair from, for the same reason I just explained above. Maybe I am just blessed with a rich shade naturally and rather fluffy flyaway hair that is always a mess! hehe

    Anyway, this new hairstyle is AWESOME! I’ve been waiting exactly 5 years for it ever since I came into SL!

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