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What is Second Life?

What is Second Life to you? Is it a game, business platform, 3D chatroom, virtual doll house, or all of the above?

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  1. Fleur Cooperstone

    Hmm… Hard question to answer. 3D chatroom is not quite right, but closest to an option on that list.

    To me – second life is a virtual world with family and close friends where you can do just about anything that you can imagine – a world without physical boundaries. Most of the virtual world was created by all of us who live here. I have dear friends and family that I’ve never physically met – but they are have been deep significant parts of my life.

    Much more social than any single chat. We share experiences with our SL family. It’s interesting – we can look like anything here – but our hearts shine through.

    I know there are dark and crazy people here sometimes… But there are more wonderful people than crazy.

    I danced with my SL sisters to tunes spun by a dear SL DJ (Ray Tragfalar) for a year and a half. We grew very close together as a SL family. Ray died of lung cancer a year ago. We all were heartbroken and truely miss his special personality. Life is lived out in SL in so many ways.

    SL to me is not a game. Virtual 3d chat some, virtual doll house in some ways – but mostly virtual world with friends and family.

  2. Donna

    For me, a virtual doll house. That’s basically what I use it for. ^_^ Though I’m sure it means lots of different things to different people and that’s the best part of it IMO.

  3. Kena

    In all honesty, at it’s heart… It is definitely a business platform to me, as I am one of those who does bring L$ out into USD regularly. To me, it’s my source of food and rent money. I don’t enjoy a lot of the frivolous things that many of my customers do – I spend all but about 10 minutes a month on my sim. The 10 minutes is usually checking out a store or buying something I can’t on the MP.

    I don’t really have friends, don’t visit clubs, don’t experience drama and junk. The only place I chat is various groups – typically merchant dominated groups or builders aid groups where I help others.

    I think it’s definitely something different to everyone, and I have no judgement against those who ‘live’ very differently than me here… Afterall, they allow me to live off of this income.

  4. Luciana

    all of the above 😀

  5. Carina Gonzalez

    For me it’s so many things. It depends what avie I’m using. I use SL for distance education, professional networking, conferences and workshops, but I also role play, go clubbing, and attend performances. But one thing is consistent on all of my avies: freebie chasing! Even when I have the money, I can’t resist chasing freebies. I also really enjoy helping others with makeovers.

  6. JaseyRae Petrovic

    To me it’s a creative outlet. I’m a terrible artist in RL, but my brain doesn’t think that’s fair, so in SL I can put together beautiful things and feel accomplished. It’s more than just a chatroom, or a dollhouse (Even though those are some great perks!) It’s a way to let my creativity shine through!

  7. Ziki Questi

    Of your options, I’d have to say business platform because I regularly cash out money.

    But for me it’s mostly an immersive space for creativity: I’m always interested in what artists and other creative people are doing in Second Life. And I’ve taken a creative interest in documenting their work through photography (as well as tossing my hat in the ring once in a while, although I’m not a great builder).

    It’s also a place to relax and socialize. I have SL friends I enjoy spending time with, and it’s a great way to shut my brain off from RL once in a while.

  8. Ziki Questi

    And what about you? ^^

    • Gogo

      SL is an amazing place for friends & digital dolls. The business thing is something that came after I had already spent a long time shopping & dancing all over 😀

  9. Angela Kwak

    For me its more then a virtual world.
    I did meet some of my Second Life friends and I do think of them more than a virtual pixel that I can turn on or off by logging in and out of Second Life.

    I have a friend that I’ve met on Second Life and later on in Real Life. He had a real hard time in RL and he removed all people from his Second Life friends list. I understand he needs some personal space and I will give it to him. I do hope he reads this because one day when everything settles down I will be knocking on his door, because I miss him alot. I am lucky he is still with us,

    I want to send my respect to Fleur and everyone that knows the feeling of losing someone in Second Life.
    Some people act like its crazy to miss someone that you didnt knew in RL.

    Don’t forget people open up a lot easier with a distance between you and them and you will get to know that person quicker through Second Life then when you where able to touch them. And yes some maybe faking it but not everyone.

    We all may experience this word differend but you are taking your personality and feelings with you where ever you go, even in a viritual world.
    The only question is how much do you want to show of your self to someone.
    Of course you can pretend to be someone else, but still then you will take a part of who you are with you and you are able to get hurt.

    So what is Second Life for me?
    game, business platform, 3D chatroom, virtual doll house?

    Second Life helped me find myself, helped me feel more secure.
    People act around you because of your personality and the way your avatar looks. Experiment with appearance and behavior made me see that people liked the real me better then when I played a role.

    So Yes all of it but also an extension of the real world.
    A way to be able to be close to people that are far away.
    A way to be myself without painful judgement.

  10. Chantel Ashdene

    3d Chat, as well as a virtual dollhouse, I love dressing up my avi, never gets old, lol.

  11. Veronika Larsson

    Came for fun, stayed when I found out I could make a lot of money having fun, and have decided to go because there are more profitable ways to spend my time now. Never that interested in playing dress-up dolls, although that seems to be a growing element of Second Life.

    I never minded mixing RL with SL, but the people who warned me it doesn’t work were right. It doesn’t because it’s one-sided. Most people in SL are playing a game and wearing a mask. If you are just yourself, you’re going to find yourself in the distinct minority, and not sure of who anybody else really is. If that’s important to you.

    Remember: “We can’t be certain who the villains are ‘cos everyone’s so pretty.”

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