What is a Pookabi?

Yabusaka - Pookabi

The new Pookabi mesh avatar from Yabusaka is cute! I like to wear small animal avatars when I’m running around SL, especially to popular (laggy) events.  This mesh avatar includes all the body parts, and a HUD to hide various parts of the body (for mesh clothing) and turn the Eye Highlight on/off. I recommend leaving the highlight on cos it’s really creepy with it off.

I’m naked (omg!!) since I don’t have any clothes for this avatar. If you own the clothes for Yabusaka’s Baby Avatar, you can wear some of them with this Pookabi av.

Do you like mesh animal avatars?

What I’m Wearing:

Yabusaka – Pookabi mesh avatar
ATypical – Chocolate Pocky Stick
Katat0nik – (ltpink/panda) Bento Lunch B @ The Arcade
Swallowtail – Flower Crown (White)

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