G-Field at Fashion for Life


G-Field is at Fashion For Life with some exclusive colors of the newly released Puff Sleeve Dress “Taylor” and the Wedge Pumps “Adele”. I can’t resist a good cause, so I picked up this darling Mint colored dress that includes a matching ribbon headband. If you do stop by, don’t forget to pick up the free gift (a pack of headbands).


G-Field shoes are so darling, and always just the right price. I picked up this fatpack of 20 color (9 shown above) for just $1800L, also at Fashion for Life, or at G-Field’s main store.


With the HUD, you can mix-and-match any color, trim, and sole combination! These shoes will go with nearly everything in my inventory, since I have a lot of light colors and neutrals, too.


What I’m Wearing:

Snow Rabbit – [email protected] Hybrid Avatar Head Nea
Truth – Ursula (Swedish)
G-Field – Puff Sleeve Dress “Taylor” (Mint)
G-Field – Wedge Pumps “Adele”
G-Field – Single Ribbon Headband (Pearl)

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  1. Where in G-Field do you get the ribbon from. I looked all in there but I couldn’t find it. I love these different colored headbands. Do you remember if it was the first or second floor that you got it from? 🙂

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