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Google Reader is closing on July 1st, 2013! This is the most awful news that I’ve read this week. After Gmail, Google Reader is my second favorite ‘service’ from Google. I’m really sad it’s going away, cos no other service has the convenience that Google Reader offered. I need a feed that is built into my Google dashboard, I don’t want to visit another site, and also be able to read it on my computer, phone, ipad, etc.

There are five other Google Reader alternatives listed on the Lifehacker blog, but I don’t want to use them. I want my Google Reader to STAY!!

Please take my poll, so I know where you guys prefer to get your JuicyBomb updates! I’ve always felt that JuicyBomb readers prefer the site, and I use Flickr religiously, but I don’t really like other social networks.

Help me answer this poll, and prove me right, or wrong! You can pick only one answer, so make it your favorite one! 😀

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With Google Reader going away, if you are subscribed to my RSS feed, which service are you reading it with? Do you want me to promote my site on my Facebook page more (already doing it) or any other service?

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  1. I have switched to Feedly still can check from web, phone and PC o/ quite different than NewsRob I was using before but growing on me.

    • Hi Cara! I tried Feedly over the weekend. I think I have imported my Google Reader list over, but I’m not sure it will stay that way once Google Reader goes down. Does anyone know how Feedly works? I had to log-in using my google email and password, that’s why.

      • They had a notice on the site the other day after it was announced that google reader was going down that they are working on a project to take over the backend work and have promised a seamless flow once google reader shuts off for all current users. So not exactly sure *how* they are doing it but they appear to already be working on a solution.

  2. I use to keep track of all my blogs and they just show up and i can click on em and read em ^^

  3. I use FeedDemon to keep track of blogs, but it’s a program, and can’t be used directly through a browser or on other devices. I usually click through it to the actual entry on the blog to read. I don’t know much about Google Reader (I was never super fond of using something through my browser for some reason), but I feel for everyone who is dealing with it closing! It seems like the whole internet is in a panic over it, and it really makes me wonder why they would want to close it in the first place.

    I hope you’re able to find something you love just as much!

  4. I’ve been using feedly for a few years now. I rarely use Google reader since I switched. I have the feedly app on chrome, my iPhone and nexus tablet. I can’t imagine not having it.

  5. I use Feedly as well. They stated that there will be a smooth transition when google reader goes down so fingers crossed.

  6. I was not exactly using a standalone RSS feed, but having the “widget” susbscription on iGoogle, which sadly is also going away on november this year. I am very sad and don’t want to really use a replacement cause it is hard to get used to different services that are not 100% integrated and makes us going theu more steps to navigate and search.

  7. Feedly! For Chrome and Android. They are updating day after day to make it as good as reader. In fact now I find it even better than reader. Especially the keyboard navigation ie : use the keys J and K to go from previous to next article = no more clicking with the mouse to navigate!
    And to answer your question: your list will stay when reader goes down. Once you imported it, it stays + as you imported it, you have a full back up of your list anyway.

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