BCC cloak, the cutest cloak in SL


It’s such a thrill when items from two different creators have colors that matches perfectly! I’ve wanted to do a photo wearing this gorgeous i.do Cloak Hood from BCC for weeks now, but I couldn’t find the right hair, or the right top/dress to go with it, until today! I photoshopped this picture a bit to erase the hair strands & some of the Babytux top that showed through the cloak. I don’t like to photoshop often, but sometimes a lil’ bit of PS magic is needed for things that don’t fit together.

I also want to mention that vitamingirl, the creator of BCC, provided such great customer service! I bought this cloak @ the Arcade in a small size, which is too small for me. I was able to trade it with her for a Medium size, so I’m super happy about that. <3

Did you guys get this cloak? What hairstyles have you found that worked well underneath?

What I’m Wearing:

LeLutka – Vent hair (Marilyn)
One Bad Pixel – Babytux (BadPixel) Pink
BCC – i.do Cloak (Hot Pink) M

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  1. Only way to go is a hood/cloak/shrug that integrates the hair with the clothing.

    Best two I’ve found so far:

    Magika’s Clumsy: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Magika-01-Clumsy/4444008

    Catwa’s Eleanora and Ladymana: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/CaTwA-Mesh-LadymanaDemo/4401604

    Magika, as always, has a colour-changing HUD for the hair as well as for the shrug itself (9 colours available), while Catwa’s HUD only changes the shrug fabric.

    As with Monso’s hoodie that you covered in an earlier post, these items are only good for static photo poses. If someone is wanting something they can wear outside the photo studio, their options so far are limited.

    Why more hair designers don’t have mesh hair integrated with hoodies is another question. Clearly, the market is there….

  2. I got this cloak in orange, and I did have trouble with getting matching hair. Another thing I liked is the Tableau Vivant Spirithood..

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