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Erare Project, Mermaid

Erare Project, Mermaid

Am I obsessed with syrens (mermaids)? Yes. My last mermaid look was light & bright, but today’s mermaid is darker, and maybe slightly evil. This new partial mesh avatar is from Erare Project. I’ll just paste the info from the note card, so read below for all the details:

Introducing .erare a new line by the creators of Celoe and LeLutka. A fantasy inspired line, starting with the sirens of the sea.

The are 8 avatars, that from head to tail create an underwater illusion of mystery and something special. The .erare.syren. includes mostly mesh items. You must have a mesh capable viewer to be able to use/see this product.

The tail portion of this system is RIGGED mesh, so editing it is not possible, please try the demo available before purchase to ensure the fit you need.

All NON-RIGGED pieces are MODIFIABLE with re-sizer script included in the hair piece for easier adjustments.

The .erare.syren. includes:

.full mesh tail (each syren has its own color theme)
.full chest piece
.half chest piece (to allow wear with more well endowed avatars)
.dorsal fin
.hair (each .erare.syren. has its own color hair)
.body cover (tattoo layer)
.body cover shine (tattoo layer)
.multiple alpha layers (modifiable) and textures (full perm)
.kelp (optional flexi add ons for the tail)
.AO (includes animations for swim, stands and sits)
.tail angle HUD (enables the wearer to angle their tail at various degrees)

I love this avatar so much, that I made a short video so you can see how it moves in-world with the included AO. I like this AO, but I also like the KH Mermaid AO by Sala Snook too. There are even more animations included with the KH AO, so you’ll probably want to pick up that one too, for even more Mermaid animations fun!

Erare Project, Mermaid

These photos were taken at La Reve, my friend Lash’s sim. It’s private access now, but it used to be public. When I’m a mermaid, I underwater live here, she just doesn’t know it.

Erare Project, Mermaid

What other avatars do you want Erare Project to make in the future?

What I’m Wearing:

Erare Project – Syren (Fury, Mercy, Foam)
Auxiliary – Chunky Earrings (Blossom)

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  1. Carina Gonzalez

    I’d love to see an angel! I used to RP one. Or how about other half-humans like centaurs, fawns, minotaurs, or naga?

    For a full-body choice I’d love to see dragons, phoenix, and unicorns.

    • Gogo

      Great idea! I want an angel too! I like pretty fantasy things 🙂

  2. Jilsun Beverly

    OMG. SUCH amazing pictures! I am so happy they decided to do a fantasy line as I play on fantasy rp sims. GREAT 🙂

  3. Sasy Scarborough

    You look beautiful Gogo, the video is fabulous ♥


  4. Chantel Ashdene

    I’m so emotional I know, lol, but the video made me tear up, beautiful Mermaid and a lovely song you put with it! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  5. diaphoni

    Oh! I had wondered what happened to La Reve. Back when it was public still it was one of my favorite places to go when I wanted somewhere quiet to think. I miss it and am pleased it’s still out there.

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