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Dear events, I surrender. There are too many of you. I love stuff, but I don’t like feeling pressured by time and not knowing exactly where something will be. Isn’t that weird? Since I’m always telling you guys to go places, and buy things. I’m pretty sure there are other events this week, but Skin Fair already has my attention.

If you want demos without fighting the lag, join the Skin Fair 2013 group in-world.


This gorgeous floral branch Amande headpiece from LaGyo, and of course, I’m wearing the new Alyx skin from Pink Fuel, and new Seduction heels from Compulsion.

What I’m Wearing:

Pink Fuel – Alyx (Peach) Natural/Eye B (dkbrow)
Pink Fuel – (Light) Classic Lipstick (Pin Up Red)
Exile – Don’t Wait (Midnight)
G-Field – Lace Top (Lucy) worn without prims
Elate – Elle Jeans (Rose) Heels S
Compulsion – Seduction heels

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  1. Bumblebee

    pretty much new to the whole fashion blogging thing and this past few weeks was what my kids like to say, ‘cray cray’ (crazy for old folgies like me LOL).. Enjoy reading your posts and hope to learn more! Thank you for your steadfast blogging though 🙂

  2. Veronika Larsson

    I don’t have the problem of feeling overwhelmed by the events in Second Life.

    The fairs? So lag-ridden that it robs any fun they might have held. Pass.

    The arcades and “gachas”? Rigged. Pass.

    The hunts? Tedious and a waste of time. Pass.

    You just have to be discriminating, that’s all.

  3. Vianne

    I not only want less events, I want some kind of quality control at events!
    If it’s a multi sim event, why can’t the good stuff be seperated from the *ABSOLUTE CRAP* ? (sorry for caps, I felt yelling was necessary).

    I DON’T want to have to rez and wait for flexi clothing to rez, I no longer wear it!
    I don’t need to see the 2007 quality hair that’s still being released!

    I don’t get it!

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