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Freckled Love


For some reason, I don’t really like Red hair in SL. I would probably wear Black, Brown, Blonde, Pink, Blue, White, Green, etc, all before going Gingery-red. However, I’m so excited about this Freckled Love skin from Pink Fuel cos it is a preview of the Sora skin (not yet released, but soon!). Sora is soooooooo gorgeous, I honestly don’t think I will take it off once it’s released. Sora has a slim pretty nose, gorgeous skin tone and texture, and amazing new lips. I’m a huge fan of Pink Fuel, obviously, but I think Mochi has shown the most progress over the past few years, more than any other skin maker on the grid.

This skin is just $75L, such a great deal.

Visit the Ador & Abhor 5th Anniversary Event to get this skin!

What I’m Wearing:

Pink Fuel – Sora (Peach) Freckled Love (A&A Aniv.)
Truth – Marisol (Marmalade)
Teefy – Elyse Wrapped Tucked Tank (Creme) S
Noodles – Cupcake Bow Headband (Pink) @ A&A Aniv.
mon tissu – Oui Necklace (Gold)

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  1. Chantel Ashdene

    Hm yes, I’m with you on the reddy tones, I think I only own one red pack from Exile, plus I have some red tones that comes with the Naturals’ packs at Lelutka, but this is super cute! Mochi is the bees knees! ♥ You look as gorgeous as ever, but you probably get sick of me saying that! Lol.

  2. Vianne

    Speaking as a RL ginger with freckly skin (mind, i’ve about 200% more freckles, lol) I’ve got to agree that a. it’s a difficult colour/skin type to work with and b. that skin looks great!

    A thought on the look.. (wow look at me about to give GOGO style advice! eep) would be mixing ginger skins with brown/dark brown lashes instead of SUCH black ones, you might find it blends better 😀

    • Gogo

      Great tip!!!!! I’ll try that 😀

  3. Dahlia

    Is it just me or do all Pink Fuel skins look really similar–TOO similar? The only skin that really deviates from her typical style is Kumi. And I’m not trying to bash Mochi here, she’s an amazing skin maker, I’m just wondering if anyone else feels this way? Because it seems that everyone goes crazy when Mochi releases a new skin, but I am always left feeling underwhelmed. My main issue is that it seems she uses the same base for all her skins and the only things she seems to change are the eyebrows and lips but the nose, eyes/eyelids and general texturing stay exactly the same. To me, all her skins look like fraternal twins whereas any other popular skin store’s skins don’t look related at all. I’d like to see some more diversity.

    • Gogo

      I think you can say that about EVERY brand on the grid, cos each designer has a “signature style”.

      • Chantel Ashdene

        Agreed, Gogo.

  4. Calleja Fairey

    I love this skin. I wish it came with a no eyebrows version, because I like to wear freckles, but have black hair, and am not a fan of eyebrow colour being radically different from hair colour. More often than not, freckled skins are made for red heads, and yet there are an awful lot of us non-redheads with freckles. I currently am wearing the Kumi skins in vanilla (with a black eyebrow tat over the eyebrows since the dark eyebrows are not dark enough for my tastes), and while it comes with a freckle tat layer, I am not a fan of it. I really wish that Curio would put her freckles on a full body tat layer, hers have always been my fav freckles, and every skin of hers I wear, is always the freckled version. I have tried various other freckle tats and have not really had much luck in finding natural looking, full body coverage freckles that don’t look like like paint spatter. Maybe Mochi will make a new freckles tat based on the freckles on this skin to be worn over her other skins? That would be awesome.

    • Gogo

      The full release will have more options, I’m sure 🙂 This is just a preview.

    • Mochi Milena

      Thanks for the suggestions Calleja! I’m definitely working incorporating “no-brow” versions of all of my skins now (Alyx has this option), since it has been highly suggested. And the I love the freckle idea. I’ll definitely work on making them a separate tattoo layer 🙂

      • Calleja Fairey

        Woohoo!! I am loving the sound of that 🙂 Can’t wait.

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