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Pink Fuel Alyx Skin

Pink Fuel - Alyx

Pink Fuel released the much-anticipated Alyx skin at Skin Fair! I’m feeling kind of lazy today, so I will just link you to some really awesome blog posts by other SL bloggers.

From Mochi’s Flickr:

You get 8 makeups total: (Pure, Natural, Purple, Blue, Pink, Lt, Smokey, Smokey, Winged) + All theLipsticks for 1350L.

Stellar coverage from these blogs:

Pink Fuel now at the Skin Fair 2013!

Skin Review – Pink Fuel [Alyx for Skin Fair 2013]


Meet Alyx!

Pink Fuel – Alyx @ Skin Fair 2013

What do you think of Alyx? Do you like it as much as Kumi, or more?

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  1. Chantel Ashdene

    Kumi is gorgeous but I’ll always prefer Alyx, I fell in love with her when the Candy Hearts version came out, and I’ve been waiting ever since for a full release! Those other bloggers look nice, but your shapes are perfect for Alyx in my opinion. =)

  2. Eeukie Cobalt

    I have worn Kumi since its release but there is something so pure and beautiful about Alyx that I think it is time to change.

  3. Aeva Nikolaidis

    I adore Alyx. Kumi was pretty but not for me. I’ve been waiting for Alyx ever since the Candy Hearts version came out.

  4. Masha Eilde

    I bought Alyx, but the espresso Kumi skin is perfect on my AV because of the no-crease version and what I’ll continue to wear.

  5. Lark Diabolito

    I prefer Alyx over Kumi as well, and I like the subtly different changes in the faces when i mix and match their lip tattoos, but my favorite face is Alena. I hope Mochi releases a full line for Alena soon.

  6. Mikki Breda

    I like Alyx, but I hate that the creator changed the skin tones. They are either too dark or too light for my taste. I still wear Elly in Chai and the new tones are a big change for me. But what I’m really looking forward too is Alena as well. I hope she makes it into a full release soon!

  7. Angelique Tebaldi

    I must confess that I’ve never worn a Pink Fuel skin as once I found them a bit over-estimated and too doll-like (I prefer a more womanly look).

    Today, well, I’ve fallen in love with Alyx in a couple of minutes, after having tried her demo just for curiosity and not because I had considered the possibility of wearing a PF product before.

    I’m surprised not for having found that Alyx is a well-made product (being this obvious), but she shows an intensity in her soft, slight smile that I can’t help having it in my inventory 🙂

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