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Suit with no tie


Elate is at Collabor88 this month with such gorgeous clothes! I’m a huge fan of the Piper Blazer, this blazer has  a bit of flare, perfect for pairing them with pants or skirts. I’m also wearing the Elate Elle Jeans, I couldn’t decide on which color combination to wear, so I’m wearing the matching Khaki set, and an Ivory and Rose combination.

okkbye parted teeth

Top – Side View, teeth texture on prim
Bottom – Front View, Front View Photoshopped

I occasionally like to wear SL teeth (mesh or tattoo on skin), but I don’t think I’ve ever worn a pair of parted teeth. I’ve deleted all of my prim SL teeth that uses invisiprims, cos they no longer work in SL. However, when I saw these parted mesh teeth from okkbye for sale, I had to try them. To my surprise, the teeth are not mesh at all, just a texture layer on a mesh prim. The package includes 1 set of teeth on a prim, and 1 alpha layer. The included alpha layer didn’t really have the right parted mouth effect, so I tried to layer it with other mouth alphas I had, but still ended up photoshopping  to get look that I wanted. I used the smudged & liquidfy tool, even though I’m not great at PS, I still like outcome.

What I’m Wearing:

LaViere – Megan (Platinum, Mint)
G-Field – Lace Tops (Lucy) White
Elate – Piper Blazer (Ivory) S
Elate – Single Elle Jeans (Khaki Flats, Rose Flats) S
Mon Tissu – Cottage Flats (Beige)
LaGyo – Wishbone Necklace (Silver)

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  1. Kellie Iwish

    You look great! Thanks for posting these! Also, nice job on the mouth photoshopping! When I was reading it and you said you tried it with one alpha layer and then another, I thought “oh the second one looks much better!” but then I finished the sentence dissapointed to learn that I’ll have to rely on the magic of photoshop to get that effect. Oh well!

    I always love your posts! Take care <3

    • Gogo

      Thanks Kellie! I’ve tried to make a wider alpha but I can’t do it as nice as PS could 😀 But someone with more talent, can probably make one that is smooth at the top, if you give it a go, send me one! 😀

  2. Chantel Ashdene

    Love the hair, and these suits are gorgeous, can’t wait to hit Collabor88 on Friday! Then the Skin Fairrrrrrr! You look adorable as always, Gogo :]

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