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Thesis 2.0 theme

JuicyBomb gets an update, again! Isabelle Requiem so kindly helped me skin Thesis 2.0 to look similar (but so much prettier!) than my old site. Please visit her blog and give her some love, cos she’s so amazing and awesome.

I’m still getting used to the back-end of Thesis 2.0, but pretty much everything should in the same place as before. I’ll probably use the new theme that I bought on another blog, since you guys don’t like too many changes on this site 😀

Do you like my new banner? It’s so Pink! I’m re-using a lot of elements from previous banners (background, text) cos I was in a rush to make the banner. Something better soon, maybe.

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  1. angellx

    Hi, I don’t know if it’s something wrong my end or not, but since the change to the blog I have had so much trouble seeing it properly. I’ve had to refresh over and over just to see the banner most of the time and have not been able to search through old posts as easily as before to remind myself of the tips I love to use for my avatar 🙁 I must say though when I did get the new banner to load, it is very pretty =) x

  2. Isabelle Requiem

    I couldn’t see the banner at first either and started to panic thinking it was something I did lol. But I deleted cookies in my browser and everything is showing up fine now yay! Thanks for the plug Gogo! I’m glad I could help and I love the banner 😀

  3. Raven Serrurier

    I think it looks great

    • Gogo

      Thank you!

  4. Dahlia

    I love the new Chloe update sooooo much! Now I never take my mesh head off. Is it just me or did they also fix the eyes with the update? Before the inner corners of the eyes looked a bit jagged and weird (a lot of people complained about that), but now they look normal. 😀

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