Cotton Candy Sheep


When I fell in love with the Snow Rabbit ([email protected]) Hybrid Avatar Head Nea, I also fell in love with the luscious and gorgeous lashes! I sent Shirousagi Noel an IM asking if she’d consider selling them separately (to be worn with my regular avatar), but didn’t hear anything back. Today on a whim, I visited the [email protected] main store and found a pair of sculpted lashes that are quite similar. The [email protected] 6+ vr1.oo includes a HUD to tint and edit (the lashes are also mod), smile option (lashes that will automatically adjust when your avatar smiles), teeth, and lighting option. I decided I didn’t need the lighting, or the teeth, so I rezzed a copy on the ground and removed all those extra prims and kept just the lashes. I loooooove these luscious lashes, they’re just perfect, and similar to what I normally wear (that’s a state secret, don’t ask).

Cotton Candy Sheep

I’m in the mood for something Kawaii today, so I put together an all Pink ensemble. I had to Photoshop the bottom of the mesh shirt out of the picture cos it cuts into the skirt! 🙁 There really should be more frilly mesh tops in various lengths, so they can be paired with mesh skirts and pants. *HINT*

What I’m Wearing:

Pink Fuel – Sora (Peach)
Exile – Beyond the Waves (Stefani)
Belgravia – Bluet Satin Blouse (XXS) Snow
BOOM – Minka Skirt (Petal) S
Noodles – Cupcake Bow Headband (Pink)
Katat0nik – Wingtip Mary Jane
Katat0nik – Lil’ Thailor Socks (part of outfit)
Sugar Heart – Cotton Candy Sheep

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