Severed Garden, Fiona

Severed Garden

Severed Garden always has such interesting (and revealing) outfits! The Fiona outfit is adorable, and includes other accessories not worn here. I couldn’t find any panties that were small enough to wear underneath this skirt, so I’m completely bare under there. I wish this outfit came with some panties, cos the alpha did not make everything invisible! 😛 I probably will wear the top with some pants or a longer skirt in the future, the skirt is just soooo tiny.

Severed Garden

The new Rider Boots from Redgrave are so detailed and very well textured. It includes a “Liquid Mesh” version, which will resize automatically to fit your shape (to a certain extent). I forget which sliders it will follow and which it won’t, but it’s a pretty decent solution to the mesh sizing issue.


Here’s a close-up, so you can check out all the details.

What I’m Wearing:

Pink Fuel – Sora (Peach)
Exile – Stay the Night (Stefani)
Severed Garden – Fiona (Skull Pinkish)
Redgrave – Rider Boots (Brown)

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  1. Very cute outfit, you look adorable 🙂
    You can get modesty strips…they’re just enough to cover up the bits, but don’t get in the way of a skimpier outfit. I’d give the link, sorry, but Marketplace is being poopy O.o

  2. You can find a free set of modesty covers – for nips and below – that are very nicely tintable at Deviance Main Store – it’s on Carnivale in the big church, the same sim Illusions by Siyu Suen is on.

    I honestly use both ALL the time, especially with mesh clothes that someone may not be able to see, or outfits which might show a bit of nip (which I am not keen on)…

  3. Hey Gogo, Lovely post. Good on the Redgrave boots. I’ve long admired your blog! BTW, how did you get the reflective effect in the last photo? Also are you accepting review copies? 😀

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