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Curio Skin Sale

Curio Skin

It’s a Spring Close-Out Sale at Curio! All current skins will be retired, so now is a good chance to grab some skins before they’re gone from the grid. I haven’t worn Curio in a while, but they use to be my favorite skins on the grid. I’ve worn Curio for years, so I can’t wait to see what Gala Phoenix has up her sleeves for the new release!

My wish list for new Curio skins are:

  • New skin tones (less Reddish)
  • New body, faces
  • Less matted face, so it matches the body
  • Tattoo makeup (especially lipstick)
  • Brow options for each face (Blonde, Brown, Black, Red, etc!)
  • Appliers for SLink hands and feet

What do you hope to see for the new skin release?

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What I’m Wearing:

Curio – Petal (Light) Sprout – Dewdrop 1
Exile – Beyond the Waves (Frost)
Katat0nik – (Red/Purple) The Stranger Bra/Skirt

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  1. Kanzi

    I’d really love Gala to supply a male chest cover tattoo. I wear Pink Fuel skins right now, as they are the best skins providing a male option at the moment, in my opinion. But I really love Curio skins, and I’d probably consider buying a few if she provided a male cover option.

  2. Calleja Fairey

    As I had mentioned in another post, I love Curio’s freckles! So I would love to see her full body freckles in a tat layer that can be worn with any skin, even if it isn’t a Curio skin. Also, I hope she keeps the piercings on the ears, I wish more skin creators put piercing holes on their ears. I’m such a perfectionist when it comes to earrings, and making sure they are even, that any time I get a new set of earrings, I throw on a Curio skin if I don’t happen to be wearing one, so that I can do my adjustments and know the earrings are even. LOL. I’m terrible!

  3. The Blogging Elf

    My wishlist:
    – all basic eyebrow options (red, blonde, brunette, dark)
    – freckles on layer
    – face that matches the rest of the skin
    – new body
    – more mature faces maybe
    – lips on layers
    – Lola/Slink appliers
    – new tones!! 🙂

    I know, I am terrible. 😛

  4. Ink

    I’m SO FRIGGEN happy she’s back and excited for the new release!
    I love when skins offer an extra “no brow” option. Tattoo layer lipstick/gloss and freckles are a plus too, even if I have to buy them separately 😀

  5. Layla Munster

    Lola’s appliers.
    All eyebrow color options for single skin purchases and not just fatpacks.
    Cleavage options.
    Freckles on layers.

  6. Sophia Harlow

    SLink hand appliers for sure and darker eyebrow option.

    And weekly releases. Twice a week releases. :))

  7. Ivy Norsk

    I’ve been wearing Curio for the last few years happily. I really like the Acorn and Moonbeam skin tones: the Acorn is a less saturated skin tone than many tan skins on the grid (which is good), and the Moonbeam has more complexity than many goth and pale tones on the grid. As for the others, yes, I agree they are too red. Yes, the face really should match the body and the highlighting on the bean skins redone as they are tend to be very ashy. Gala does such lovely subtle makeups and I’d love to see more of them on tattoo layers, especially as with the dark skins, having the makeups under the skin tint tends to make them disappear.

  8. Anke

    I would love for her to keep around the pale tones at least – I love my palest of pale! I don’t mind new tones, but I’d be so sad if she did not keep at least these and the assorted cleavage dehancers/enhancers. It is hard to find paler and smaller chested skins that I like (although PF is niceish, it’s not the same!)

    … and all of the above already listed!

  9. Kristin Burner

    Mew 🙂
    I could always spot a curio skin, they had a uniqueness i loved. So my only wish is they are reborn with something fresh and very identifying as the new curio.

  10. Elisabeth Milneaux

    I wear Moonbeam and I love it and I hope she never (never never ever) changes it. The base skin. That said, included cleavage and brow options are pretty standard these days, and pleaaaaase (I’m on my knees begging, Gala, pleaaaaase) may we have Slink hand and feet appliers? Thank you and wb! <3

  11. Mimmiomi Ushimawa

    Well yeah i also wish that she had different eyebrow layers and ofc non eyebrow skin, and i wish she could make a lot of skins that is similar to the angel one, because the face is just adorable, and all makeup should be tattoo layer, and yeah tango applier perhaps and less reddish skin tones

  12. Sally Spark

    Totally off topic but…I was kinda shocked to tp to Katat0nik and find the lingerie set you are wearing cost 750 L. I know it’s mesh, original and all but really – you get a full burlesque outfit with bustle, mask, headdress etc etc at Devious MInd for that or less….and just as original and well made. I do love Katat0nik’s style – it’s super pretty but thought 750 was a little steep for just top and bottom plus masks….just sayin.

  13. Mericat Ireland

    I’d like her to keep the delicate naturalness of the face, which her skins have over and above everyone else on the grid. I’ve never found a face I like so much as Curio’s sundust light. I only stopped using it because there were no appliers (lolas or slink) and because she gave away her skins.
    So my list is as follows;
    Natural face (to stay)
    Slink appliers for hands and feet
    Appliers for lolas tangos
    More make up options/tattoo layers

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