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This outfit is so sweet and perfect for a casual day frolicking around in SL! I put a lot of effort into my SL outfits, but the only people who get to see them are you guys! I guess that’s fine, but some days I would really like someone to see the outfit in SL and say something nice about it too 😀

Who knew that Peach and Blue went really well together?


Check out these sexy new Jacqualine Sandals from Celoe! Each pair includes Gold or Silver chain option.

What I’m Wearing:

Pink Fuel – Sora (Peach)
Exile – Crazy in Love (Stefani)
Leverocci – Sleek Blazer (S) Coral
BOOM – Everyday Tank (Snow)
Teefy – Lovisa Ruffle Mini Skirt (Cobalt Blue) S
Celoe – Jacqualine Sandals (Shine) GC
LaGyo – Cloe Necklace (Gold)

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  1. Allaine Lavendel

    Woooow! I so gonna try and get those next. Specially the shoes, thanks for taking a shot on those!!

    Oh and running around SL to let the outfit be seen sounds like what I do all the time hahaha. Love to show off around.

    You will need to make some kind of weekly event to do so!! 😀

  2. Elle Couerblanc

    Those shoes are amazingly smexy!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. majik

    You always look beautiful. I am getting the sandals and hair when I log in

  4. Vixxie Vultee

    i love this look so much. you look beautiful, gogo!

  5. lovely

    i know what you mean about getting all dressed up, and having “nowhere to go”. sometimes i go to an inworld store to demo hairs with a cute outfit, hoping someone might notice and at least think to themselves, oh that’s p cute.

  6. Chantel Ashdene

    You look fabulous! I’m kinda sad cos Celoe make such lovely shoes but I’m really terrible at skin tinting so I don’t buy them =( I stick to GOS with their easy matching huds, and will also move to SLink as soon as Mochi releases the appliers!!! But the shoes are gorgeous, as I said the issue that stops me is skin matching.

  7. boogiie

    ugh…I scoured the inworld store and marketplace, and can’t find that necklace “anywhere” 🙁

    • Rebecca

      I too have searched all over for the jacket and the necklace. The necklace is nowhere to be found in the store, and the there isn’t even a store to find the jacket in. Disappointing. 🙁

      • Gogo

        Try contacting the designers

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