Monso, My First Jeans


I’m so picky about jeans in SL! I’ve worn some before but they had certain things that I didn’t like, such as the infamous “pony rider” thigh gap, or shows too much butt crack.

What I want from a pair of jeans is a nice butt shape! I’m also picky about the texture quality, shape of the jeans overall, and cuff lengths. I like skinny cuffs and pants that end at the ankle, cos they’re more versatile for shoes in SL and they look sleek!

Unhappy with the current state of SL mesh jeans, I’ve mentioned to several designers that I wanted jeans (from their brand) in SL. Monso surprised me with the My First Jeans release, and it is just perfect in every way. Each pair even includes two stitching types (light and dark).


Try these jeans and let me know if you love them! Visit Monso.


What I’m Wearing:

Pink Fuel – Sora (Peach)
Truth – Kasia (Swedish)
Teefy – Mini Corset (Light Floral) S
G-Field – Ribbon (Single) Headband Pearl
Monso – My First Jeans (Deep Blue 1) Size2/S
G-Field – Strap Shoes “Alex)
Donna Flora – LIA Ring
SLink – Mesh Hands (av)

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  1. I tried them on and did not find a fit for me personally. They waist was way too big for me. The bottom is cute though, but the overall fit was not good on me personally. My favorite jeans with your criteria, Gogo, are the skinny jeans from HOC Industries. They are gorgeous, low cost, 100% original mesh, come with a HUD to color change so you get lots of colors for half the price of the monso ones. Have you tried the HOC skinny jeans?

  2. I had high hopes for these jeans, but I couldn’t fit into any of the sizes. Size 1 was too small, and size 2 was too big and I am not one to change my shape to fit into mesh clothes. I have no problem fitting into XS of standard sizes, so the problem isn’t me. Maitreya jeans have the most realistic shape, in my opinion. The Mon Tissu Nora jeans also look very realistic. The slope of the inner thighs and the overall shape look like real life human legs. My only problem with them is that the thighs are a bit too skinny, but I can deal with that since my avatar is quite thin to begin with.

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