This new Hearts Don’t Breakeven hairstyle from Exile is so soft and lovely! I forgot to tell you guys that Exile launched a new pack of hair color – the Ice Blonds! As you know, my favorite Exile hair color was Stefani, but with the launch of Ice Blondes, I may be changing my preference to Snow Queen (worn above) or Shimmer. I also love Pink Bubbles, such a delicious and delicate shade of Pink.

Exile hair colors

Which new Exile color is your favorite?


Katat0nik released this gorgeous Delicacy dress in such cheerful pastel colors. I love this dress so much, it oozes indulgence and sexy.

What I’m Wearing:

Exile – Hearts Don’t Breakeven
Donna Flora – GABRIELA necklace
Katat0nik – Delicacy Dress (lt blue/average)
LOGO – Infinity Chloe Hybrid Mesh Avatar Chloe
Jamman – Ultra Mesh Fingernails

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    • I read this and was like OMG Action has a blonde included in the HUD, that I feel is better than this one. I do think Exiles HUD is way too spammy . Loads of great new colors thou and ya know I be buyin em all

  1. That is quite possibly the most gorgeous SL necklace I’ve ever seen!
    I wanttttt ♥

    • Yah its an adorable necklace …sadly it is NOT called GABRIELA I went to the shop and the only ones called that dont look anything like the one she is wearing : /

      • NVM it just wasnt showing up in area search but I looked at all the jewels and finally found it and it is sooo cute l0l

  2. I got this hair yesterday and I absolutely adore it. I’m so happy Exile moved on huds and the new textures are awesome. There is a problem anyway because I can’t decide what color to wear xD but Raven remain my favourite and from blondes it’s Snow Queen .
    Pretty dress by the way 🙂

  3. Cute style! I really like the Pink Bubbles and White Sand shades. So many pink shades from other hair creators are really too garish looking for my liking, but Pink Bubbles looks very soft and natural. Definitely want to try it.

  4. Moonlight is my fav solid color and my favorite blue/black texture on the grid. In the fusion packs, the new one charachoc is my 2nd fav. I can’t remember which blonde is my fav.

    I think Kavar’s HUDs are the best on the grid right now with options and ease of use.

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