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Say Hello to Cad


If you’re tired of staring at my lovely face, check out Caduceus Loraket instead! He says he’s a terrible model, but I disagree. He was the perfect model, and patiently waited for me to flip through a gazillion poses to find the right ones.

What is Cad wearing? My guess is… Exile hair, and something from Fatewear. For the rest, you’ll have to stalk his blog to find out.


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  1. Vixxie Vultee

    oh hello, cad..

  2. Emily Brown

    So this is your male alt? Why not just say so. We don’t mind if you’re a GIRL (Guy In Real Life)…or whatever LOL

    • Gogo

      LOL, you idiot. Yes, every person I blog about is my alt. In fact, I am every designer, blogger, and resident in SL.

      • abby

        Bless you for only calling her an idiot.
        ♥ Gogo’s other alt.

      • Opal Rae

        Lol! You must be run off your feet 😛

  3. Gidge Uriza

    Gogo you said that I WAS YOUR ALT! /runs to my room crying

  4. Jessie Mason

    All I know is he is gorgeous…OMG. Gogo, can you send me his number? 😉

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