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Sell your Lindens on LindeX only!

Have you guys read this new Updated Second Life Terms of Service? If you’ve logged into Second Life today, you’ve had to accept the new terms before logging on. I have always used LindeX to sell my Lindens, but for people who prefer third-party exchanges, as of today, they are not authorized or allowed.

If you’re new to LindeX, I wrote a tutorial about How to sell Lindens last month.

Does the new ToS about third-party exchanges affect you? Take my poll and leave a comment if you want to discuss it!

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  1. Lillith

    Though I have a Virwox account and used it in the past, I only used the LindeX for quite some time – but only to buy L$, never selling them for real cash. Strangely enough, it gives me the best rates when using it with a credit card.

    But I expect that there will be significant losses to the cashflow due to people having severe problems with the limited LindeX options. That’s going to be an interesting time … especially since VW already froze all L$ transactions, even though the TOS effect should only kick in in about 30 days.

    It would have been in LL’s best interest to really turn upside down and speed up their cashout process to give people a little faith that this new change won’t put their source of income at risk. Failed opportunity, it seems.

  2. Ke

    Lillith –

    I agree to the point that they need to speed it up to make it more appealing, however I am unsure about that realistically happening.

    The fact that cash outs have progressively increasing in time taken since about January this year has shown me this, it used to be I would have a quick turnaround and have it in my bank account by Friday if I cashed out Tuesday or Wednesday. Paypal is rather quick for withdraw. At latest, Saturday.

    As it is now, I am lucky if it is in my bank account Wednesday or Thursday the -next- week. I have had times where getting it out of SL alone takes over 10 days!

    I hope that LL will get a better grip on the situation, but unfortunately they’re losing my faith very quickly.

  3. Layla Munster

    I actually opened a ticket to ask if they will meet Virwox’s speedy cash out time now that they cut off their services in-world. Because, really, if they will forbid 3rd party they must at least offer the same level of quality.
    If more people would complain, perhaps they would.

  4. Harriet Blaisdale

    Although mine is a modestly sized role play-wear store, when i cash out i have had the same problems. It can take no less than 7 days and up to 11 days for it to appear in pay pal (I always thought perhaps this was because i’m in Europe). I used to use the old xstreet exchange and never had to wait more than 3 days with that.
    It seems to me to be a real failure of LL to provide us with good customer service, since to cash out you have to be a paying member of SL. Those with free accounts won’t care about this issue but to be honest, i’m not holding my breath that it will ever improve.

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