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Sweeter than Apple pie

Truth hair colors

There are some big changes at Truth! A new build, vending system (store credit), and new textures packs! My favorite Blonde color seems to be “gone” and replaced with LightBlondes 01, its less platinum sister. Rest in peace, Swedish Blonde.

Truth hair colors, old/new

Shown above is a picture of the old hair colors chart vs. the new one. As you can see, tons of colors are gone, and replaced with similar (but fewer) color choices. I’ll miss the Coolmint and Fairyfloss too colors too, they were so vibrant and lovely.


Truth has six new hairstyles out, and my favorite is the Sadie, cos it’s so retro and cute! It also includes a color-changing bandana headband. I took these photos at the artilleri sim, cos Antonia Marat is the retro queen in SL, even if she’s on a long hiatus or retired from SL creating.


What do you guys think of the new Truth hair colors? Did your favorite color survive the cut?

What I’m Wearing:

Pink Fuel – Sora (Peach)
Truth Hair – Gattia (LightBlondes01)
Teefy – Skyla Ruffle Sleeve Tank (Sunny) M
Monso – My First Jeans (Deep Blue 1) Girls/Size2
Belgravia – Paradise Sandals (Solar)
SLink – Mesh Hands (av)
SLink – Womens Medium Height Barefeet (Rigged S)
Mon Tissu – Oui Necklace (Gold)

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  1. Mellyn Llewellyn

    Mine – expresso – did not, and I’m upset about it. Expresso wasn’t black or brown but a rich mix of in between. Now there’s just black or a not that dark brown. The new textures generally seem to lack the depth of the old ones. Truth hair is wonderful, but I don’t have a spot anymore on the playlist and I maybe just retire from hair shopping for some time to come.

    • cherry deluxe

      my favorite were espresso too, it will be truely missed

  2. Tori

    His new colors make me sad. I LOVED the fades pack, it had such a variety of colors plus the ombre effect for just 50L more per pack! Now his variety pack (which does have more colors) is 400L for the same kind of variety in the fades pack but just for solid colors. Also, the roots option are gone, which I also really liked. I’m happy he had a sale though (even though he took his demos off the marketplace during it which made lag a ton worse). I got all the hairs I wanted (minus a prim one that was still 75L). I probably won’t buy from him again unless it’s something I desperately want due to the drastic changes.

  3. Mimmiomi ushimawa

    I like the new colors, because it’s less dramatic and bright colors. i wasn’t much fan of the old ones because the colors was too unrealistic for me and never fit any of my skins , but hey. it doesn’t hurt trying to get used to the new colors, because it’s always nice with some changes.

  4. Lei

    Oh no! My 2 fav colours are Expresso and Swedish Blonde. wuaahh.

    • Thia Eilde

      Swedish Blonde was my favorite color too… First Magika changed her light blondes (and she had the best light blondes in SL) and now truth took the only blonde I liked to wear… I hope elikatira won’t change her blondes when she really reopens someday…

      • Lei

        My fav blondes in SL are from action. It’s the perfect pale blonde….maybe give them a try? šŸ™‚

  5. Opal Rae

    Such a gorgeous look, I’ve really taken a shine to Sora, she is just gorgeous, and I’m loving the yellow and blue combinations you’ve featured lately! =)
    I picked up Sadie in the Variety pack, and Selma in blondes, we were very spoilt by Mister Hawks this week ā™„

    • Opal Rae

      P.S The Gattia hair is beautiful, did a quick search and can’t find it on MP, is it in-store or is it a special event release?

  6. anahata

    i always used champagne. it is quite similar to the lightest blonde and the color you are wearing.

    i will still drink some wine tonight… pretend it’s champagne. i’ll put some pop rocks in it.

  7. Isabelle Requiem

    I think the change is an improvement. I like the new textures a lot and the browns are way better now. My only complaint is the fades. I was buying the fades pack in every hair I got at Truth because I wear blonde hair, brown, or red and I could get all those in one pack. Now I have to buy each color individually if I want them all. But I guess its not a big deal because there were lots of the fades that I didn’t even like.

    I think my favorite color made the cut? I was wearing “seasand” most of the time and one of the fades looks pretty close if not the same.

  8. Poptart

    My color did not survive (sand) and imo the new colors choices closest to it are not that great. I love his hair, but if the color isn’t that good I will have to find a new place for hair *sigh*

  9. Emi

    I actually like the new colors better…especially the blondes and light browns…in fact, tho I love Truth hair, the colors seemed a little off on my avi so I didn’t buy many, but now……..omg! Hairgasm! LOL!

  10. Vixxie Vultee

    i, like you gogo, am mourning the loss of swedish blonde. šŸ™ i really wish it hadn’t been removed, i’m not sure i like the lightest blonde available as much.

  11. Aisling

    The new gingers pack is disappointing, but it may grow on me for a style I feel I must have eventually. The “Jupiter” color was my favorite with “Marmalade” as my lighter alternative and in the new packs they’re not quite there anymore. Boohoo šŸ™
    I may grow to like the new ones, but as for now… I’m surely glad I’ve a decent stock of the old!

  12. Cristalle

    Not wild about the new colors. I too liked Espresso, as it was perfect “darkest brown” but putting a light brown overlay on it (edit it from inventory list and change color) will yield the same result. I think maybe Truth was tired of having so many variations of hair colors. To me, there are more colors that are not terribly distinct from one another.

  13. Wilma Delgado

    Sadie reminds me of Antonia’s hairstyle with the scarf.

  14. Eurydice Barzane

    I wore Swedish Blonde from the light blondes and Seasand from the natural fades pack. There is something similar to Seasand but it’s not the same, which is regrettable. The names made it easier for me to find the shade I was after, but I’m sure I’ll adjust.
    Other than that I really love the new textures and styles ~ I’m glad I grabbed Haven and a few other newish styles at the sale so I have them in Swedish Blonde and Seasand.

  15. jannah

    Very bummed about the colors. Marmalade was my standard and I’m hearing its gone. Though I’d change styles a ton and even designers, I’m one who was always a realistic redhead/auburn color. So I don’t really just shrug and pick the next color up or down easily šŸ™ Wonder what the thought process on that is from a business standpoint. Once the color texture is created, the designer is golden right ? Not like having a bunch more colors impacts ‘warehouse’ space ?

  16. Micah Kalinakov

    I love the new textures, but am mourning my colors as well. I always bought the black and white packs and usually wore Ivory or Espresso. But now they are both gone šŸ™ BUT if you are missing your fave blonde, one thing you can do is edit the hair itself to try and find the right tone. So, since I bought the black and white packs without knowing ivory was gone, now I wear the whitest color, and edited it to be as close to the same shade of ivory as possible ( I wore two hairs at once, one in ivory and one in the new white-so I could match). I got pretty darn close and I’m happy with it!

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