World’s End

World's End

Hello World! I’m at World’s End Garden, it is a gorgeous place. I’ve always found this sim a bit difficult to navigate, cos when you first teleport here, you are trapped underneath and have to find your way out. I’ve never figured out which thing to sit on or button to click, so what I usually do is cam all the way up, and click on a bench to sit on it and free myself! If you know what I’m suppose to do when I’m trapped under the sim, let me know!


Check out these gorgeous unisex My First Sneakers from Monso. The HUD is amazing, and you can select different colors to customize it a million different ways. I made a White/Pink/Pink Stitches custom pair for myself to match my outfit. These may be the last and only pair of sneakers I’ll ever need! 🙂

World's End

What I’m Wearing:

Pink Fuel – Harley (Peach)
cheLLe – Moon Dust (Lime)
LaViere – Gisele (Sky)
BOOM – Tiare (White)
Teefy – Basic Knot T-Shirt (White) XS
Teefy – Aimee Tailored Ribbon Shorts (Pink) S
Monso – My First Sneakers (Girls)

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  1. Oh, then you’re missing some fun. When you arrive you’re probably positioned so there’s a merry-go-round to your left. Turn about until you see a wooden stairway going up, then head up the stairs and continue along the wooden walkway, and then down the stairs on the other side. There you will see a door. Click on it, and after it opens click on the space inside, and you’ll be teleported up. 🙂

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