Pixel Prom

Pixel Prom

Elle said to me, “Come to prom bitch” and since I was just standing around on my platform, I decided to join her! I arrived at Pixel Prom without a proper dress, or a date, but had a pretty good time seeing my friends and some new faces too. There were tons of people there, maybe 150+ but I had my draw turned down so I only really rezzed the people in my corner of the sim.

Pixel Prom

Enjoy these candid pictures! This is the most social I’ve been in SL in ages, so I am documenting it here.

Were you at Pixel Prom?

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  1. Ommg!!!! I am one of your biggest fans and I was there and didnt see you! Ahhhhhh!

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  3. I was there! Wish I had seen you!! I saw Strawberry Singh which was kinda cool but seeing you would have been a total fan girl meltdown on me end xD

  4. Lol, yeah I’m sad I missed this. You’re like at the top of my bucket list for SL.

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