Bring me your heart

bring me your heart

Okay, today I wanted to blog about an accessory I saw on Flickr, but I couldn’t teleport to the event cos it was over. I tried to find it at the main store, but the owner showed up so it was a bit awkward. Do you guys teleport away really fast when the store owner shows up, or do you stick around shop? I teleported away before I could find it, so I’ll just blog about something else. Something that you also can’t get… blahhh…..

This new Studded Heart Clutch from LaGyo, is from last week’s Fifty Linden Friday event. Although the items are cheap, the FLF event is way too short (just 24 hours), so I don’t really cover it anymore. I find that once I do find time to blog the item, it’s already gone from the store, or the price is no longer $50L.

bring me your heart

This Studded Heart Clutch is amazing, if you do have one, don’t you just love it? A HUD is included to change color and two metal options.

I’ve been cleaning my inventory, and trying to plan my next few blog posts. Til next time, BYE! 🙂

What I’m Wearing:

Pink Fuel – Harley (Peach)
Truth – Candy (LightBlonde01)
Teefy – Odette Dress (Mint) S
LaGyo – Studded Heart Clutch (bent arm)
SLink – Mesh Hands (av)
Flair – Nail Huds set 104 My Attic Special

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    • Ha, I’m the same.
      Beautiful look, Gogo, cute clutch and I just love that hair!

  1. I feel awkward if I see the store owner there while I’m shopping. I’ll go to the opposite end of the store and cam, or just take a demo or leave. I dunno – I don’t like thinking that they are monitoring my shopping, wondering why I bought/didn’t buy something.

  2. why would you tp away if you see the store owner?
    there’s nothing to be afraid of.. they’re just checking their stores and items 🙂

  3. Ha Ha, I TP Away too…..cause I feel like they may be staring at me and waiting for me to get something. I do it in my store too, if I see a customer, I run….it is so strange, WHY DO WE DO THAT?! I leave fast, because I don’t want them to feel pressured either….it’s nuts LOL.

  4. I enjoy meeting people (well, usually lol), so I wouldn’t tp away, but would probably say hello. And 24 hours is a squeeze for a sale.

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