Zaara released new Sheer Coverups and matching mesh bikinis. I like this coverup better as a top, so I made an outfit based around it. This top is 90% sheer, so although an alpha is provided, it only takes away a bit of the shoulder, therefore, you really cannot wear an alpha with this top, so be sure to try a demo. I thought the mesh top had bulky shoulders, and it also floated about half an inch above my shoulders, so I wore long hair to cover it up.


Siddean Munro, the Queen of Feet & SLink, released new Tri-Colour Wedge add-on  shoes. These include a HUD to change the wedge color and 3 straps (heel, mid, toe) individually.

What I’m Wearing:

Pink Fuel – Harley (Peach)
Exile – Uninvited (Stefani)
Action – Studded Kitty Headband
Zaara – Ria Coverup (S) Pearl
Fishy Strawberry – Incanto White (Sheer Tank)
Monso – My First Jeans (Grey 1) Size 2/S
SLink – Tri-Colour Wedges
& fabulous Drapes (White) 1 from We’re Closed

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  1. Oh Gogo, this is so lovely! I had bought this to coverup their new bikini but would never have thought to ear it with jeans over a shirt, this is why you’re the master blogger and I’m not, lol!
    Beautiful ♥

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