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Pink Fuel Applier for SLink Avatar Enhancement Feet

Pink Fuel released Appliers for SLink Avatar Enhancement Feet! Even though I’ve always been able to tint my hands and feet to match my skin, I’ve found that appliers work so much better under ALL lighting conditions. I can’t wait to have matching fingernails and toenails polish! The default polishes that came with SLink feet are plain and without designs, but SL residents have really made some stunning ones for the Av Enhancement version.


left: SLink feet, right: SLink feet w/ Pink Fuel Applier

As you can see, I am wearing the same size feet (Small) in both picture, but the Av Enhancement  version is slightly bigger, not sure why! I thought my tinting for SLink’s feet was pretty good, but now that I’ve seen the Applier version, I like it a lot more.

I don’t change my main skin often, but I do like to bounce around between the skin tones. Since appliers were introduced, I tend to stick to one skin tone more, cos I don’t want to buy more appliers or have to re-apply all my attachments. I know a lot of you guys change your skins and skin tones often, do you also buy appliers for ALL of the skins that you wear, or just your main skin?

Before I end this post, I just wanted to post a picture of the default SL feet, hopefully never to be seen on this blog again!!!!


Visit Pink Fuel, SLink

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  1. Jaliyah Latrell

    I totally agree with you on this post. Dear gawd, SL feet were ugly weren’t they. So much better now with our SLink feet. You did a great job matching your skin tone but I do see how with appliers the skin tone throughout is even. I love PF and I own a lot of the tones along with other skins which also offer appliers. If the skin tones are sold seperately, I only buy the main tone I wear most (in Pf case i bought two) Some designers include all skin tones in their slink applier. Atleast Izzie’s does, and for a great price.

  2. Jade Glazner

    I need to pick up a set of SLink feet. ;o I’m currently using the N-Core ones with flip-flops included and I love them, but it seems that SLink is more of the standard so it’s what people make appliers for and whatnot.
    I switch skin tones often, but the way I take care of my attachments is that I make subfolders with copies of them already tinted to a specific skin and tone that way all I have to do is switch rather than re-tinting anything (since some of them don’t have slots to save tones).

    • Gogo

      SLink is quickly the brand of choice for (third party) shoe makers cos of her dev kits! If other brands want to become the standard too, they should really work on releasing a great dev kit for their own hands and feet, to encourage others to create products for them.

  3. Marianne

    It is more that I stopped buying skins that don’t have matching appliers. I liked the Body Shop, but their skins is a total no-no because they don’t sell appliers. I didn’t buy anything in the huge 50% off sale on Curio skins either, because I know she would purge those skins and release now bodies, hopefully with appliers. That said, I turned and left when I saw what Tuli took for her appliers. Designers shouldn’t bee so greedy. Now it is Pink Fuel and Glam Affair… League looks mighty fine too.

  4. Chantel Ashdene

    I buy all of the appliers for every skin and tone cos I’m such a perfectionist.
    I am using GOS barefeet atm and SLink hands, but I really need to grab hold of the SLink feet as well I think cos of all the new shoe add-ons that are hitting the market.

  5. Marianne

    And I just saw that Slink released the Destiny heels for their medium rigged feet! Yay, the Destiny heels with the previous tinting system was one shoe that I demo’ed, but could not get a satisfying match. Now I can finally get those sexy shoes perfect matched to Pink Fuel skins!

  6. Raven Serrurier

    I used to change skins a lot but since buying Slink feet and hands my skin options are limited because not all skin makers have appliers yet. So I stick with one skin now because I hate tinting manually.

  7. Mericat Ireland

    Oh thank god, thank god! Thank you God! 🙂 I’ve been waiting for this for what seems like too long.

  8. Caroline

    Now that I’m using the new slink shoes/feet and hands I have to switch my skin brands to those who make appliers for both. Luckily I love PF. I wish all of the skinners would jump on board.

  9. Nanny

    I know this post is about slink feet, but how you guys manage the gap between the hands and the arms when you are wearing the hand enhancement from slink. I covered it with bangles but I’ve seen girls without it.

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